Reiki for Troubled Times
There is no doubt that at this time of writing we are globally facing very frightening and uncertain times. Many, many people worldwide are afraid, anxious and overwhelmed by the current pandemic that is going on around us and among us. Reiki is a powerful healing energy that is available to us to help us in these troubled times. This article, Reiki for Troubled Times, looks at how Reiki can be used in these current times but also these suggestions can be implemented at any troubled period in life.
Reiki can be used to:
Raise the Vibration-Reiki can help raise the vibration. This is so important, if we can all lift our vibrations above the lower levels of fear and panic that are surrounding us we can begin to shift the energies, move them towards the light. You can raise your own vibration via self-healing, raise the vibration of others via distant healing or raise the vibration of the planet via sending global distant healing. For more information on how to send global healing please read the blog post, How to Send Global Healing.
Boost Immune System- Reiki can be used to help boost the immune system. By channelling pure Source energy to yourself or distantly to others you can help boost immunity in the body thus helping fight the onset of infection or aid the body’s recovery.
Bring Peace and Calm- Reiki Healing is a beautiful method to bring peace and calm amid the chaos around us. Just taking 20 minutes a day to perform a self-Reiki treatment or sending healing to someone can help to calm and quieten the mind and reduce over thinking.
Bring Comfort and Support- Reiki treatments can bring comfort and support, to help remind us that we are not alone, we are always connected. This is especially valuable for people in isolation at this current time, being isolated from family, friends, social gatherings, etc. can have an adverse impact on people’s thoughts, often causing negative thinking and over-thinking to run riot. Reiki can help bring comfort and connection.
Aid Self-Healing- The body’s ability to self-heal is amazing. Reiki can help support and increase the body’s innate abilities by bringing in healing Reiki energy, helping to kick start the body’s own self-healing process.
To Be Useful- Reiki Healing can only help, it will never hinder or make a situation worse. The channelling of positive, healing energy with the set intention to heal will always be of use. This can help lightworkers who are feeling overwhelmed, helpless in the current situation. Self-healing or sending distant healing is far better than not doing anything, it is a way to be of use and help yourself and others.
Please remember that Reiki can only be received for the greatest and highest good of the person/people involved and we all have our own paths to follow, we all have free will, yet even in the direst circumstances Reiki will still help.

Sending you all love, light and Reiki for troubled times...

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I am a Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation tutor and Holistic Therapist. I enjoy working with energies to promote health and well being