Spring represents energy of opening, awakening, and newness. There is excitement for what is about to bloom. What "has been" and "what is" can be replaced with what "can be." As Nature gives birth so can we give birth by
releasing all that no longer serves us and inviting in new beliefs, thoughts, ideas and attitudes that DO serve us. "Spring Cleaning" doesn't just refer to cleaning our homes and gardens but also ourselves! Just as our outer world needs to be weeded and the soil turned and new seeds planted, so does our inner world need that same tending.

While Winter tends to be the time of year for reflection and planning, so, too, is Spring. When we enter the New Year, we are excited about our plans, our resolutions, and we move full steam ahead to bring them into our reality. Then....the challenges and obstacles appear and our "ego mind" puts on
the brakes. You see, our "ego mind" doesn't like change because it views change as a danger and the "ego mind" wants to keep us safe. If you've stopped yourself from
moving towards a goal because it's just too difficult, now is the time to examine your beliefs, attitudes and the thoughts you think. Do they continue to serve you now or are they more a hindrance to where you want to be? It's not too late
to get yourself back into that excited energy you had at the beginning of the New Year. You can still achieve those goals you set for yourself but to do so requires that willingness to work through those challenges and obstacles and see them as the opportunities they are for shifting your beliefs and attitudes.

While this work can certainly be done on your own, it's always better and easier to have support from someone who can hold you accountable, keep you focused on your vision, and hold you in the highest light. I invite you to schedule a Discovery Session with me today! It’s my gift to you so there’s no risk on your part.

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Rev. Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich is the founder of Avalonian Moon LLC, a company devoted to teaching women who are facing the challenges and transitions of midlife, how to turn their wounds into wisdom, embrace and strengthen their connection to their Inner Goddess, and leverage the Law of Attraction to create a delicious life with more abundance, laughter and magic.

Through her coaching programs, Elaine coaches her clients to make peace with where they’ve been and where they are now, see the possibilities for where they can go, believe in themselves, and to have fun along the way. Her overall mission is to empower you to feel good NOW.

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