As with any other type of dating, sugar dating presents both rewards and challenges. Most women dive into the sugar dating world and aspire to become sugar babies keeping only the rewards in mind only to find out later that they cannot deal with the challenges that this type of dating presents. If you want to be a sugar baby, then it is recommended that you first know about the challenges and think whether you will be able to deal with them. The perks of being a sugar baby are usually the same but the disadvantages and challenges vary a lot. Still, there are a lot of reasons you should not be a sugar baby. Read the following to see if you are really ready to join a sugar baby website.

Following are some reasons you should not be a sugar baby:

Lack of Real Relationship

This is perhaps the biggest reason you should not be a sugar baby. There is no real relationship when it comes to sugar dating even if you have a sugar daddy you genuinely like. A sugar daddy is not your boyfriend. You won’t be taking him home to meet your parents. There is no real future (e.g. marriage and children) to look forward to. And if you have a real boyfriend, then sugar dating will make things complicated for you. You will struggle a lot juggling a sugar daddy and your real boyfriend. All in all, you cannot have a “real” relationship while you are sugar dating.

People Usually Have Negative Opinions About Sugar Babies

Keep in mind that there are going to be opinions about your lifestyle as a sugar baby and usually these opinions are negative. They don’t think it is good to ask for money from a sugar daddy. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t care about others’ opinions, then the sugar dating might be for you. But if you care what others think, then this type of relationship will not be good for you.

You Have No Control

If you like being in control in a relationship, then sugar dating is not for you. In sugar dating, sugar daddy sets the terms and as a sugar baby, your job is to keep the sugar daddy happy by following those rules. Being a sugar baby would take away your freedom of going where you want to go, dressing what you want to dress, etc.

The Secretive Life of a Sugar Baby Can Get Very Complicated

Usually the life of a sugar baby is a secretive one. If you have no problem telling your friends and even your family that you are a sugar baby, then you may not struggle that much. On the other hand, if you choose to keep your sugar baby lifestyle private, then things will get complicated for you. You will have to often lie to those closest to you in order to keep the details of your sugar baby lifestyle a secret. The secretes will eventually push wedges between you and your loved ones. This is one of the key reasons you should not be a sugar baby.

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