In the field of software testing, we people want to achieve things in an easy way. By opting for an easy method we could reach the desired path but the technique could create difficulties for us. As testers are using automation testing, it could be an easier way to test the software product but somewhere or how this can lead to a conflict in the software product.

Manual testing is a type of testing in which software applications or products are tested manually without any help from automation tools. It is the most important part of software testing as a new application or product needs to be tested manually before its testing could be automated. The main objective of manual testing is to detect bugs or errors in software products or applications. It is the most primitive technique among all types of testing and also it helps in finding critical bugs or errors in the software.

Every software organization is adapting the automation testing technique but they also know that manual testing is a crucial part of the software testing process. The organization believes that only manual testing can provide us with 100% quality assurance in the software.

Let’s see the reasons why we still need manual testing:

Manual testing tests from a Human perspective: We know that humans have made a computer, not a computer has made humans. So it is clear that there is nothing in the world that can beat the power of humans. In the software testing field, the automation tool has also been developed by a human only. If something looks “off ” then the testers could quickly identify the issue. But the automation test script doesn’t pick up the visual issues in the software product, for this they need humans only.

Exploratory Testing Can Only Be Done Manually: Automation testing only performs actions that a tester directs them to do. This testing needs planning and preparation to write the script which restricts the test to certain boundaries.

Automated Tests do not assure 100% quality: The tests can have the potential to report false positives and false negatives so the automated test script does not guarantee a quality release.

Helps to understand the whole problem: Software testers know that automated testing can save time. The great thing about automated testing is that this testing delivers quick results on a board level. But testing manually allows the testers to understand the issue on a conceptual and emotional level. Manual testing connects the testers with the end users.

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