Would you say that you drink on a regular basis? Do you know if you are drinking over the recommended limit each week? Many people in the UK enjoy a glass of wine with their dinner in the evening, as well as go to the pub on the weekend with friends. Everyone knows that you should drink in moderation. But, how many people actually do this?

There are many reasons why you should limit your alcohol intake. From helping you to maintain a healthy weight to reducing your risk of serious illness, now is the best time to make positive lifestyle changes. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why it is important to limit your alcohol intake.

To Lower the Risk of Liver Disease

Did you know that around 90 per cent of liver disease cases could have been avoided? Unfortunately, this is a disease that can be caused by your diet and drinking too much alcohol can be a factor. This part of the body carries out so many important jobs, and you want to try to keep your liver healthy. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol can lead to a build-up of fats, which is something that you do not want.

When it comes to alcohol, you should stick to a certain number of units each week. For example, men and women should not drink more than 14 units. The general rule is that you should have several alcohol-free days. The less you can drink, the better it is going to be for your liver.

Easier to Maintain a Healthy Weight

You are going to gain weight if you are eating and drinking more calories than your body needs during the day. Indeed, you want to watch the foods you are consuming, choosing nutritious and healthy food. But, you also have to watch what you are drinking. Many beverages are high in sugar, which will contain more calories than you think. For example, alcohol is one of these beverages, and it can often contain 100 to 150 calories. Indeed, if you are having several drinks at a time, this means that you are consuming more calories than you really need.

When you limit your alcohol intake, you are going to find it easier to maintain a healthy weight. You are cutting out calories that are not nutritious for you. In particular, you can prevent the energy fluctuations that are associated with sugar and avoid the craving for more sweet things and excess calories.

To Look After Your Mental Health

Over the last few years, many people have been vocal about their mental health, and this is something that is helping to reduce the stigma that exists in society. Indeed, your mental health is important, and you want to be doing positive things every day to ensure you feel good now and in the future.

One thing that people do not realise is that alcohol can be bad for your mental health. It can be used as a coping mechanism, which is ignoring the problems you are facing. This can lead to spiralling behaviour, which does not help you in the long run. In order to look after your mental health, it is recommended that you do not drink as much alcohol. This can allow you to think clearer and take more appropriate action.

Signs You Should Lower Your Alcohol Intake

If you are someone that enjoys an alcoholic beverage, you do not have to give this up completely. You just have to be sensible with your drinking habits. Here are some signs you should take seriously, and that indicate you should lower your alcohol intake.

Drinking More Than 14 Units

The first sign is that you drink over 14 units a week. This is going to increase the risk of damage from alcohol. You should start to monitor how many units you have and work out whether this is 14. If you drink more, you should work on slowly decreasing this, having alcohol-free days. There are plenty of beverages you can swap them for.

Your Mood is Affected

How do you feel when you are drinking? If you are noticing that your moods are being affected negatively by alcohol, this is another sign that you should drink less. You want to watch when you are drinking too. It should not be a way to drown your sorrows, as this can often make things worse.

Gaining Weight

Have you been gaining a lot of weight recently? Perhaps it is your diet overall that is causing this weight gain. But, it might also be because you are drinking your calories in the form of alcohol. Take this as a sign that you are drinking more than your body wants.

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