So let’s start with an example: when we look at a high-rise building, we get to see its exterior looks. Looking at its beautiful architectural looks with the colors coordinated well, we only praise the owner of that building. No one has noticed the hard work of people behind its furnishing, that is the people involved in the construction work of the building. They are actually the backbones that need greater recognition since they have put their energy, time, etc. So, similarly not only the developer is involved but also the testers have a significant part to play in the process of making software smooth and error-free for the end-users.

But in actual life in the field of software, software testing is difficult as compared to development. For the testers delivering a smooth and bug-free software product or application is not an easy task, it’s not a cup of tea for everyone to provide the same and it’s not a job of clicking buttons. And the experts also face inconvenience every single day from the programming testing organizations. While doing testing like unit testing or load testing, the testing experts perform a difficult task by applying a lot of energy to finding errors in the software product. They generally want to build up and advance their abilities in testing profiles.

There are several reasons that make software testing difficult in the IT sector such as:

Difficult to Make a Product Error-Free

If a tester is repeatedly testing a software product and trying his level best but still the tester can’t find the bug then this is the reason that makes the testing procedure difficult.

Less knowledge of a software product

It is very sure that if a tester has less knowledge and information about the product then they might not be able to test the product. The tester needs to understand the software product to proceed further and deliver proper test coverage.

Poor project management and planning

Poor project management and planning is the reason which makes testing difficult. Hence to deliver smooth running and error-free software products there needs to be proper management, planning, and scheduling. So that the product could be released on time with no bugs in it.

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