It is so hard to believe that more and more efforts have been put into finding an ultimate cure for h.i.v.How plausible is this assertion given the reality of fake or scam products at the expense of victims and people who are afflicted?What role do governmental agencies and health organization play in this matter?What have they done to prevent and manage this pandemic?what is the origin of this disease?
To be sure,we need to realize that there are many postulated cures and drugs claiming to either reduce virus or cure it.We must bear in mind that truly,ARV`s and drug regimens can actually succeed in reducing viral load but not cure it.there are side effects which accompany the use or retro viral drugs some of which are very severe and often times resulting in death of patient.What is the justification for producing them in the first instance,given they are endorsed by big time drug agencies under the auspices of international health organizations?Why not fund extensive research into finding a remedy rather than trial and error basis for reducing virus?What really are the motives behind this?
On the other hand however,there are many fake alternative and native curative treatments for h.i.v,which is motivated by greed at expense of human lives.But also on this,there are many more potent and powerful holistic cures for this scourge.There are some who use herbs and some who formulates natural recipes with different homeopathic elements and get a good result.Asides this,there are holistic cure which removes virus from the body but are not ever given the mandate to come out publicly.They are shut down as inappropriate or fake by other western medical associations due to the fact that their methodology and principles vary.But should our main objective not be to finding a cure to this disease,rather than waste time sanctioning others from practicing treatment?Should it not be about finding a cure rather than politics or propaganda?There are those who do not even know that the possibility of such a cure is limitless and those who can attest fear the attention and probing into private lives once put to limelight.
To be rest assured with the very possibility of long life and total cure from H.I.V,is the ultimate dream all humans on earth.A hope for life?This is exactly what the Holistic Medical Practitioners strive to achieve.Everyday is a fight to rid the world of the dreaded diseases!
Can you imagine?A bio holistic cure so potent and equally powerful,it totally removes H.I.V from the body?Many people have received many different form of alternative treatment for H.I.V,and in the end,none can measure up to the new holistic cure.
How real is this treatment?How come nobody has ever heard of it?Is this for real?These are numerous questions asked by a lot of people who discreetly sought for a cure and still do not call for attention to themselves.Do not be deceived by propaganda of the drug world.Let us be factual about this issues.If really such a claim is real and exists,should it be kept hidden due to pressure,from big drug corporations?Why sideline the very possibility of alternative holistic medicine in the face off finding a way out of this dilemma?
This is no joke as saving humanity is more than just spending countless funds on HIV regimens and ARV`s that will in the end,kill patient due to side effects.Truly,there are scam products all about and many products without patent.Others still believe so strongly in this cure,based on testimonies of different patients who remain anonymously hidden but cured totally.But why hide?Why this need for secrecy,anonymity and neutrality?Many such people who have used other therapies for this virus claim about 89% to 97% more fulfilling and potent than normal everyday ARV`s.Can such treatment exist without authorization from W.H.O?What do drug regulatory bodies have to lose?And what really do they have to gain either by keeping such possibilities hidden?There is a rumor about an ultimate plot to control humanity by the top people and government sponsored corporations.Rumors about a propaganda by world government.
It would seem that there exists a sort of system used by practitioners of holistic medication which achieves(as it may seem) the same kind of result as western treatments,if not more.The reason for this is that,holistic treatment follows its own doctrines and laid down rules to curative medication and health.People must try to note that there are numerous other means of viral ailments like H.I.V,HERPES,etc.Can there truly exist a bio holistic cure for destroying H.I.V 100%?Given other alternative treatments such as Ayurveda,Homeopathy,Silver Therapy etc?
The bulk of the whole issue is that if truly holistic alternative bio treatment exist and can potently and effectively combat and destroy H.I.V,then we need to ask ourselves why knowledge of its limitless possibilities have not been bestowed upon humanity.Why keep it a secret?why not help people suffering all over the globe with this?Why the propaganda that no cure?if a cure is forthcoming from holistic angles i think such should be funded and supported for the continuity of human life and humanity as a whole.Imagine the possibility of a holistic cure for h.i.v?Why this need for secrecy when all we need is answers?

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