Unless you’ve been living in a cave the last couple years, you’ve no doubt been exposed to The Secret and the Law of Attraction. But what is The Secret? And what is the Law of Attraction? According to the movie and the book, the secret IS the Law of Attraction. But, The Law of Attraction is really not a secret. It may not have been known commonly as the Law of Attraction until recently, but the idea is nothing new.

If you’ve heard the following expressions, than you’ve been exposed to Law of Attraction:

Like attracts like. You reap what you sow. Ask and it is given. You get (or become) what you think about.

The concept is found in Hinduism and is also mentioned in the early Theosophical texts. In her first book on the esoteric mysteries titled Isis Unveiled: Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition, Helena Blavatasky used the term “Law of Attraction.” This book was written in 1877. James Allen, in his 1902 classic, As A Man Thinketh, wrote that “all that a man achieves and all he fails to achieve is a direct result of his own thoughts.” His title was taken from the Jewish Book of Proverbs which states: “As (a man) thinketh in his heart, so he is.”

So the idea may be as old as dirt, but don’t let that get in your way. The truth is that the application of the concept can transform your life in monumental ways. Some of the criticism around Law of Attraction is a result of misunderstanding how to apply it. I think this is because there were a couple pieces missing from The Secret movie and book. That is not to knock it – they did a wonderful job of exposing the information to the masses. So what are the flaws of the Secret? What is the secret to The Secret?

In my humble opinion, here is what you need to know:

1) If you are committed to living a happy life in which you manifest your desires, you must make feeling good your Number One priority in life. That’s correct. Feeling good is critical. How do you do that you ask? The short answer is this: always reach for the best feeling thought in every moment. If you’re like me, your brain thinks some bizarre thoughts sometimes. While we cannot always control the first thought that comes to mind, we can control the second one. The idea here is to simply focus on good thoughts. If you think a thought that doesn’t serve you, choose another one that does. This takes some practice and discipline but over time you will naturally find yourself thinking good feeling thoughts the majority of the time.

2) You must feel worthy of that which you desire. It is one thing to thing to have a desire and another to FEEL WORTHY of it. If you decide you want something but don’t believe you deserve it, you will not attract it – it is impossible.

So how do you feel worthy? There really is only one thing you must know. Here it is: The energy that created and sustains the universe is the same energy that created and sustains you. Both scientists and spiritual masters agree on this point. This source energy is everywhere which means it is in you. There are many names given to this energy – life force energy, source energy, chi, shakti, essence, spirit, soul, pranha, God – and while the words are different they all mean the same thing. You are pure energy in a body. This energy is what runs you. It is the ghost in the machine. Just like your car won’t run without gasoline, you won’t run without this energy. You grew out of this source energy – you are it. And as it, you have the innate power to manifest and attract anything.

You merely need to accept this (which is not easy for most people, as the thought can be quite overwhelming) and then choose to create whatever you desire. We are powerful beyond measure but just don’t know it – or perhaps we cannot accept our true power so we fear it and sabotage it.

The choice is up to you. Accept your power. Choose to feel worthy of it. Choose to feel really good. Choose to live an amazing life!

Author's Bio: 

Rich German is the author of the book Living The Law of Attraction. For more information, please visit www.richgerman.com.