This is the last in a series of articles addressing accomplishments and the importance of highlighting them in your job search documents and interviews. Part 1 discussed ways to collect, track and document accomplishments. Part 2 covered several ways to write up your accomplishments.

The following questions may help you identify additional accomplishments.

Work Accomplishments:

*What is unique about how you do your job?
*What does your current boss praise you for?
*Do you have quotas or goals in your current position? Are you able to meet or exceed them?
*Were you hired to meet a particular challenge for the company?
*Were you rewarded with any additional responsibility?
*Have you done anything to improve customer relationships with the company?
*Have you done anything to improve communications, either internally or externally?
*What teams have you been part of?
*What are you most proud of?
*What would your co-workers say about you?
*What do you enjoy the most?
*How did you take initiative in your position?
*What special projects have you worked on?
*How did you set yourself apart?
*How did you go above and beyond what was required?
*What have you done to increase your responsibilities in your current job?
*Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?
*Were you promoted in recognition of your work performance?
*Did you increase sales or profits?
*Did you recruit new customers for the business?
*Did you save the company money?
*Did you institute any new processes or procedures?

Educational Accomplishments:

*What workshops have you attended?
*Have you attended any conferences?
*What seminars have you attended?
*Have you taken any courses?
*Have you achieved any new certifications?
*Do you have any new skills? (These might be things like computer software, social media, blogging, etc.)

“Soft Skill” Accomplishments:

*How have you demonstrated planning skills?
*What have you done to demonstrate conflict management abilities?
&How have you demonstrated time management skills?
*What have you accomplished in terms of digital proficiency?
*How have you demonstrated team coordination abilities?
*How have you shown leadership skills?
*Do you have achievements in terms of your language specialization (foreign languages)?

Recognition Accomplishments:

*Did you receive any honors this year? (awards, recognition)
*Did you earn any certifications or licenses?
*Which of your contributions received the most recognition?
*Have you received any notes, emails, or kudos from customers? From your boss?

Communication Accomplishments:

*Have you done any public speaking or made any presentations? (Who did you speak to? On what topic? How many people were in attendance?)
*Have you written any articles, whitepapers, or other documents?

Leadership Accomplishments:

*Have you taken on any leadership roles — either within your job or in your volunteer work?
*Have you led any significant projects?

A key part of accomplishments beyond using the information to help you obtain a promotion, raise, or use in job search materials is to use them for future goals. Taking a big picture approach to your career will help make sure you on the right path to the career of your dreams.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Chapman is a certified professional resume writer whose career is deep-rooted in the careers industry. As a visible member of her profession, she has been involved with numerous industry organizations. Professional credentials include recognition as a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Authorized Behavioral Strategist (DISC Behavioral Assessment), Certified Professional Resume Writer Credentialing Authority, and career/resume book contributor.