Rapport is one of the greatest magical arts that can be mastered. Rapport can be thought of as a form of equilibrium where two or more forms of consciousness align, blend together and form mental/emotional coherence. You can literally step into another person’s consciousness and perceive their mental impressions, the nature of their thoughts and feelings around various experiences that they’ve had. In hypnosis a skilled practitioner can induce a deep trance state using nothing but rapport. Once rapport has been achieved, they can literally perceive the same imagined experiences as the person that is in the hypnotic trance. This can give us greater insight into deeper meaning of compassion, not as a form of empathy, but as being able to actually merge with, become one with another and have the same experience as they are. This is to know life truly from their perspective. When this is bridged by holding space where all judgment is relinquished and unconscious aspects are allowed uninhibited expression, it produces an instant healing affect by resolving karmic issues that resulted from unconscious patterns that acted out shadows aspects of the personality.

To gain rapport is to enter into the same state as another by matching their physiology. The three minds are always in alignment as our “state”. What we are focused on (mental images), the meaning it has (what we are telling ourselves about what we are focused on) and what we are doing with our body are always a direct reflection of the same consciousness. By entering into sync with our whole physiology we can match their state-of-mind and literally see the same mental impressions and have the same feelings about what we are seeing as they do. This is a basic form of mind reading that allows us to merge with the experience of another at the conscious level.

Healing through the art of witnessing, a form of true compassion that is not empathizing with another, but rather becoming like them and having not only the same experience as they are but perceiving it in the same way also. By entering into another person or entities field of consciousness we literally read their mind by experiencing their thoughts and feelings while having the experience from their perspective and as interpreted through their mental and emotional filters. In one sense, we literally possess them.

Reincarnation is the purest form of compassion because the same soul – quality of consciousness – obtains knowledge through the actual experience of a wide range of combination as gender, era, cultures, race, conditions, relationships, professions, etc., and apprehends knowledge not only from the perspective of momentary experiences, but from a lifetime of an evolving experience through various stages from birth to death. The soul’s evolution is by obtaining knowledge in the highest possible way, by living it. We can only truly learn from experience. We can only work consciously with what we are aware of and have a working understanding of. Understanding only comes from doing it.

True healing is allowing without judgment and simply staying present in a neutral and unbiased state where no resistance is present to inhibit. To be able to relate deeply with another or with a particular type of experience is because we are tapping on our memory of a similar life experience that allows us to relate to them. To view our own soul’s essence in a different expression, outside of our current beliefs, values, morals, and conditioning allows aspects of ourselves that we are currently repressing to be fully expressed, discharging them energetically from our system, healing and equalizing our energy back into a balanced state. Once this happens they no longer exist as a possibility for expression within our system.

Linda Gadbois, DES, CCHt.
Spiritual Teacher, Counselor and Mentor

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Linda Gadbois, DES., CCHt.
Dr. of Spiritual Sciences (Mind-Body Medicine, BA in Clinical Hypnotherapy