What is meditation? Mediation is a journey. It is a journey into the stillness inside each of us. Meditation is a journey that will never end. It has helped me get clear, focused, and allowed me to access my inner wisdom and intuition. Meditation has helped me discover the divine within. Meditation has taught me to let the mindless chatter just be, than float away.

Meditation has helped me grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Meditation has taught me to appreciate. Meditation has taught me compassion. Meditation has taught me to not take things personally. Meditation has helped me find my real voice. Meditation has helped me realize my path of service to others and sharing my experiences. Meditation has helped me become clear in what I want to create in my life. Meditation has taught me to love myself. Meditation has taught me to have compassion and love others without expectations.

To me, mediation is life. Every moment in every day can be a meditation. Meditation helps me live with awareness. Meditation is experiencing things as they are, not as you want them to be. Meditation is different for every person. One of my favorite definitions is from one of Iyanla Vanzants inspiring books. She writes when you pray, you talk to God, and when you meditate, you listen. It's simple and to the point. Perfect!

Meditation is for everyone.

There are so many meditation variations you can play with. I'm going to list a few. But here a list of some of the meditation tecniques that are out there for you: guided meditation, staring at a candle meditation, connecting with a flower meditation, crystal meditation, looking at a mandala meditation, mirror meditation, soul gazing meditation, chakra meditation, looking at the light in your third eye meditation, chanting meditation, mantra meditation, imagining you are a grain of sand meditation, connecting with the earth meditation, singing meditation, deep breathing meditation, fast breathing meditation, holding your breath meditation, circular breathing meditation, walking meditation, short, medium and long meditation, and even just being meditation.

OK. you get my drift. There are a lot of ways you can meditate, and you can play with various kinds,or you can keep it super simple. Here are 3 easy steps to meditate.

Close your eyes

That's it? You might ask. That's is all you've got to do. You can meditate for 1, 3 or 5 minutes. A lot of people meditate for 15-20 minutes. You can do short meditations sprinkled throughout your day. Or you can get really into it and meditate for an hour. You might feel like you're gonna float out of your body. And maybe you will!

I meditate several times a day, and I always start my day with some type of meditation. Some people always do the same meditation, but I like to keep things fresh and change it up. There is no wrong way to meditate. It feels wonderful to begin the day with a few minutes of meditation. Meditation lets your body know that you appreciate and care for it. Your soul will appreciate it. The people around you will appreciate it. I feel like I've tried almost every type of meditation.

I'm what you could call a spiritual seeker. I always have been, and maybe always will be. In recent years, this spiritual seeking has taken over my life, and I'm loving every minute of it. Reading, attending and guiding meditation groups, oneness blessings, healing open houses, goddess retreats, Mind Body Spirit Expos, and Reiki healing, are a large portion of my path. Meditation has changed my life, and it can change yours, for the better!

Since I've been meditating consistently, my heart has become more open. I have become more authentic and have found my true voice. I have become more courageous. I have become more centered, focused, and have found my real life path. Meditation has played a huge part of this transformation, and so have the people I have encountered.

I have learned from so many different people who I consider messengers, some call them teachers or gurus. If you want a teacher, you'll find one. All you have to do is ask. You can ask for anything your little heart desires. Your wishes will come true if you are passionate, and are very clear. You can ask God, Goddess, the Divine, Source, the Universe, Allah, Jah, Shiva, the Sun, just ask. and expect surprises! When you put your intentions out there it becomes part of the Universal Consciousness. It listens and is interconnected.

Everything is interconnected with everything else. You, the trees, your thoughts, your partner, a rock, a river, the planets, and even your computer are all connected. We all share molecules of air, water, and light with one another. We're all made of the same star stuff so they say.

With Meditation you will feel more connected to all that is.

Teachers, gurus, books and meditation audio can be helpful on your path, but you also have a deep inner wisdom inside yourself. You are connected to the divine, and if you quiet yourself with meditation, you will discover a deep inner knowing, an inner wisdom.

Has all this seeking helped me? Yes. Do I believe it could help you on your path? Yes. Do you have time to meditate? Yes. Of course you do. Do you have 1 minute? If you say you don't, you've gotta be kidding me! A few minutes isn't that much to ask is it? You can be focused on your breathing while your waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting on a plane. You're body is already taking in a breath anyway. Just being aware of where you are in the moment, is also a meditation.

Will meditation help me reach enlightenment? Maybe. Am I enlightened? Maybe. If Eckhart Tolle would say to me “Now you are enlightened” I might just believe him. I'm not making any meditating promise on the enlightenment spectrum, but I'm gonna make a pretty good guess that meditating can and will change your life. I feel 99.999% sure that it will influence you in a very good way spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The positive aspects of quieting the mind has been known for at least, what, 10 years? 100 years? Actually a little longer than that. One of my favorite meditations was used by Seers over 5000 years ago. More and more people are jumping on the meditation bandwagon. I don't think the census has updated the stats of exactly how many people are meditating, but the numbers keep growing. If every person was meditating, just imagine what the world would be like.

If people start meditating, they'll start to feel more connected to the source that gives them life. If people start meditating, they won't have time for fighting. If people start meditating, they'll realize how interconnected every thing, plant, animal and person is. If people start meditating, the world will be filled with more joy. If people start meditating, they will be unafraid. If people start meditating, they will have more love to share. If people start meditating, they will know how to think before they speak. If people start meditating, they will be filled with compassion. If people start meditating, they will open their hearts and be filled with love. And when this happens, they will change the world.

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Dina Z Colada is a Meditation Guide, Reiki Master, Healer, Oneness Blessing Facilitator, Life and Dating Coach. She has developed My Meditation Stations in AM, FM, and OM. Tune in and Turn it Up! Amazing You Now is her company geared toward creating love, bliss, and joy! Sign up for her newsletter at www.dinazcolada.com, and get access to her free teleclass! Dina is available for distance or hands on healing, private and group meditations, and life and dating coaching sessions. She is also available for speaking and group meditations at any event. Please contact Dina at DinaZColada@gmail.com