Do you simply hate the idea of waking up and going to work every morning? Is your boss driving you up the wall each day and you are finding yourself stagnating in the same position?

If you are nodding with a vigorous yes, the time is ripe for you to “call it quits.” But it's easier said than done! How do you go about paying the bills without a job? What about your family, who will look after them?

Break Out of the Uncomfortable Mould.

Don't be intimidated by these thoughts, because it is fear that gets the better of most corporate professionals. They find themselves stuck in a dead end job, succumbing to physical and mental torture every single day, despite being fully aware of the fact that their passion lies elsewhere.

If you do quit your job and follow your heart, it will be only a matter of time till your passion starts paying you good money. Enough to pay your bills and much more!

And what’s more, following your passion is empowering. It’s only when you follow your passion that you feel deeply happy and fulfilled.

Most people have a lot of great ideas, but they find themselves unable to take the first step to quit because they fear failure. Of course there is a big risk involved, but you have to take the chance!

Like they say, the only way to get rid of an itch is to scratch it! So if you are “itching” to get something going on your own, you have to begin by quitting your job. Despite the fear and uncertainty that it comes with, the rewards of following your passion and dreams is manifold.

For instance, if your heart lies in teaching an art or a skill, there is no way that you are going to discover how good you are at it, till you begin doing it yourself!

The Rewards are a Plenty.

Taking the route of self-employment or entrepreneurship is definitely not an easy path, especially in the times that we are living in today. The economies of most developed countries are in doldrums and people are holding on to their jobs for fear of another recessionary phase.

But what good is holding onto something that gives you nothing more than unhappiness and lack of fulfilment? Besides, in the day and age that we are in today, it may not come as a surprise if you were asked to leave your job one fine day, just because your company decides to downsize.

Instead of living with this constant fear, doesn’t it seem much better to take control of the situation and move out? If the thought of moving out all at once seems frightening, ease yourself out.

Begin by building a website to display your skills or abilities. Thanks to the social networking sites today, there are numerous ways that you can reach out to people.

If you are genuinely good in whatever you propose to offer, be assured that it will attract the right kind of eyeballs. But that doesn't mean you leave everything to chance. Make optimum use of social marketing tools, and soon you will find yourself headed in the right direction.

Once you are confident that your venture is good enough to start paying you, you can be a free, unshackled bird. Do not part ways on a bitter note though! You never know who can become a potential client in the days to come.

Just remember the entire world and everything that you see in it, is there because someone took that first step to put it there. So be that someone and start something new! There is nothing more fulfilling than your dreams turning into reality.

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