A new study shows smoking by women during early pregnancy reduces the number of germ cells in the embryo. Germ cells later develop into eggs or sperm, so this reduction has the potential to reduce the baby's future fertility.

And men who smoke develop an imbalance in their levels of a protein, called protamine, that is vital to sperm fertility, another new study suggests.

It may be the little things that count when it comes to boosting fertility. Fertility experts help us understand what you may be doing wrong.Research Reveals Quit smoking to Boost Your Fertility,Ovulation and Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant.

Lifestyle modification to tackle obesity, tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption, have been proposed as crucial in influencing the outcome of both natural and assisted conceptions.

Some of the key Lifestyle Modifications to Improve infertility and Increase your chances of getting pregnant are as follows:

It can dramatically reduce both male and female fertility and it really impacts conception rates,smoking dramatically lowered sperm count and disrupted the health of sperm, effecting Male Factor.Secondhand smoke or passive smoking can also effects and reduces the pregnancy rates in women undergoing high-tech infertility procedures.

The study identified a strong association between the number of smoking years in a woman’s lifespan and the enhanced risk of conception failure after IVF. The adverse effect of smoking on IVF outcome was quite significant; and comparable to an increase in 10 years of female age. Additionally, the number of IVF cycles needed for successful conception was found to be two times more in women smokers than in nonsmokers. The study also reported an increased risk for the following in offspring born through spontaneous and assisted conception to smoker mothers:

• Preterm birth, growth restriction, stillbirth, and early neonatal death
• Low birth weight, oral facial clefts, and sudden infant death syndrome
• Adverse impact on the seminal parameters of male offspring
• Before initiating the treatment, physician counseling should be directed towards insisting patients to take serious efforts to stop smoking. However, this is not recommended in the case of women approaching the end of their reproductive years, due to implied time delay in attaining these results.
• Further evidence and increased contribution from fertility specialists involved in scientific research are mandatory to substantiate the reproductive effects of smoking, and other lifestyle-related factors.

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