QuickBooks has recently introduced the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 version. This version is packed with plenty of exclusive and useful features. So, here we are providing the list of latest features that are available in the QB Desktop 2020 version.

Newly added Features to QuickBooks Desktop 2020 – Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise
1. Add customer PO in the email subject:

Customer details are crucial and thus new the version of QuickBooks offers the new ways to track the customer details. The PO field in the subject line of emails keeps you from the hassle of recording the data. Adding the Purchase Order in the subject line is one of the many ways to systemize your orders. Moreover, you can modify templates for different customers’ invoices.
To add the PO field to your QB emails, go to Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > Company Preferences. Then, pick the template of your choice, and click Edit, followed by clicking Insert Field and Customer PO No.

2. Batch invoice:

Another marvelous feature of the latest QB release is batch invoice sharing. With this, you can now share the multiple invoices at once, this will save your time and efforts and cut down the hassle of sending each invoice one after another. You can attach a number of invoices in one email and shoot it to the customer it belongs to. However, keep in mind that the multiple invoices should belong to a single user. To send multiple invoices to different users, you need to create a different email.
To access this feature, you need to go to Menu and then File. From File, go to Send Forms and then select “Combine forms to a recipient in one email”.

3. Automatic Payment Reminder for customers:

The QuickBooks Desktop 2020, is loaded with a variety of appealing features and one such feature is “Send Automatic Payment reminders”. QB will send reminders to the customers whose payment is due. To make use of this feature, first, you need to create a mailing list and then add the name of customers to Manage Mailing List from the Customers menu.
After adding the customers, go to “Schedule Payment Reminders” and this will set the reminders for later use. Furthermore, you can even draft the template for the reminder emails and then choose the date on which it is needed to be sent.
Then, you go to “Review & Send Payment Reminders” to set reminders.
This feature is helpful to follow-up on the users who generally forget to send their payments. This reminder will send the email 5 days before the actual date of payment. You can review this by “Review & Send Payment Reminders.”

4. Easy search of company files:

Using the “No Company Open” option, click the “Find a Company File” button, to look for a particular file. You can access files from network drives, removable devices like USB, or local storage.

5. Expand or Collapse columns:

In the 2020 release of QB Desktop, you can expand and collapse the columns. This is the exclusive feature that is not available in any earlier version.
Go “Customer: Job or Class reports”, then you can find the “Collapse Columns” on the top of the page. With this, you can get a compact view of a massive report.

6. Payroll Status for Direct Deposit

Another new feature in QuickBooks Desktop 2020 viewing the payroll status for the direct deposit which is missing in previous versions. This feature let QuickBooks users confirm the status of their direct deposited payroll when they get paid to their employees by Direct Deposit. However, right now this feature available only in the U.S. It requires
Before the 2020 QuickBooks version users have not able the check the status of their direct deposited payroll run(s) without contacting support and he has to wait for confirmation emails from Intuit. This feature is a great sign of relief for users and it will add the value into the QuickBooks.
Users can check the payroll status by hitting the Employees option in the application and path of reaching this feature is given under Menu-Employees - View Payroll Run Status

Enhanced Features for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum 2020
1. Landed cost

This feature makes the product cost calculation effective and gives a clear understanding of the real product costs by factoring in freight, duties, insurance, and other miscellaneous costs incurred throughout the purchase sequence. The main cost of goods/inventory items can consist of many other charges in accumulation to the purchase price.

2. Alternate Vendors

This is an improved model to manage your vendors and ensure you have picked the right vendor for buying inventory items.

3. Express Pick-pack

Express pick-pack: This feature will Update your order process with the flexibility to join picker and packer roles. It allows you to complete the picking and packing operations in a smooth manner that makes the process quicker and allowing the users to perform other tasks. In previous versions of QuickBooks users have to perform the pick, pack, and shipping task separately but Express Pick-pack features make it more convenient.

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