CBD oil is everywhere on the internet in the form of creams, capsules, lotions, chocolates, gummies, CBD oil balm
, and much more. It has not been regulated as medicine by the FDA except for Epidiolex, which is used in epilepsy. If you are new to CBD and you don't know where to start, you can find information on the internet that will guide you.

The internet has genuine companies that will sell you the products you need. At the same time, you will find phony players who can sell you dangerous or ineffective substances in the name of CBD oil. It is important to do your research and familiarize yourself with the products you are looking for before clicking the Add to Cart button

Here are some key questions you should ask
to help you determine the right product that is best for you before making any purchasing decision.

Where Does the Hemp Come From?

Hemp is a plant grown in many places in the world. The top hemp growers are Korea, Portugal, Spain, and Ukraine. The USA also grows some of the best hemp. The USA and Canada have quality standard regulations that govern the way hemp is harvested, the type of seeds for use, and the amount of THC content to be used in manufacture.

Hemp should be sourced from licensed farmers who adhere to the growing standards controlling the clean harvesting practices, types of seeds used, and THC amount in the plant.

How is the CBD Extracted?

CBD extraction from the hemp plant uses various methods including liquid solvent extraction, which uses butane or ethanol, where active compounds are removed from the hemp plant and transferred to the liquid. The carrier liquid is then evaporated, although some of the extraction chemicals will leave trace amounts in the liquid solvents.

CO2 and vapor distillation are alternative and clear methods of extraction. In vapor distillation, CBD is extracted through heated water vapor without any chemical involvement in the process. Heated air will vaporize and distill active compounds in the plant to produce ultra-pure activated oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Is the CBD Oil Full-Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate?

Full spectrum CBD contains other compounds like THC; broad-spectrum CBD is balanced while CBD isolate can be isolated cannabidiol with most of the compounds removed.

Full-spectrum CBD products will give you other compounds that work synergistically to provide you with maximum benefit, including essential amino acids, magnesium, vitamin B, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and THC. Broad-spectrum CBD has everything balanced to offer you the necessary compounds that will benefit your endocannabinoid system and overall well-being.

How Much CBD Content Is There?

People react differently to hemp and CBD. Some use large doses to achieve the desired effects, while others need small dosages. It is better to get the advice of an expert to know just how much you need for you to reap the results.

Apart From CBD, What Else Does the Product Have?

The ingredients in the product you are buying matters a lot. If you are taking CBD as a tincture or a pill, take note of the stabilizers, carrier oils or filler ingredients used. If it is the CBD gummies, most of them are made with artificial colors and flavors as well as animal gelatin.

You should be aware of these additions and make your own decision according to your preferences and needs.

Can I See the Third Party Lab Report for the Product?

You have to ensure that the CBD oil product you are buying is safe, effective, and reliable. Many companies can sell you dangerous and unreliable products. Always do your research to ensure you find reputable sellers who will guarantee you quality products.

Read their reviews, industry experience, education pages, and product manufacturing information. Reputable companies will always have third-party lab reports on their products to verify their claims and labels. The report should coincide with all the information on the product labels.


With these questions, you will be satisfied with your purchase. Knowing that you are buying quality products that are organic and lab tested will give you confidence when purchasing.

Note that CBD hemp oil has high CBD content with lots of benefits for the immune system in the body while hempseed oil is good for nutritional value and diet. Therefore when shopping for CBD oil online, always go for hemp oil that is sourced from industrial hemp

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