Removing oneself from conflict, arguing and emotional blame or blight from a blamee is simple and one hundred percent vital to ending the aging process and reducing the chances of your eventual death from genetic deterioration. Upon an emotional reaction occurring in you stop and allow the feeling to pass. If engaged with another party remember that you are not bound to be harassed and remove yourself from conflict with the example, “I would love to continue this discussion when you area no longer angry as then the like lie hood of a rational solution to the issue will ensue.” Likewise please remember not to be an instigator of blame for surely with your training you have no excuse to be a tyrant. Communication is only truly possible when our own emotions are removed from it for each soul has its own subjective emotional pattern from personal evolution until it is recognized and mindfully changed.

1) *Mover through the emotion and let it pass without tightening the body anywhere and use Quantum Body Realignment to prevent blockages.
2) Remember to find humor in any situation that involved conflict or anger because two adults going at it observed are no more enchanting than a couple of toddlers. Emotional people are in their ineffectual ‘child’ coping state.
3) Examine the issue once the emotions have passed again and assess the data according to the information you have (find more if necessary through whatever means you decide).
4) Decision is now possible through the process of assessment instead of a soap opera of judgment with superiority or other useless attitude.

Discernment in a given moment is of the upmost importance in remaining neutral. What that means is upon creation of a concept to focus on as a holographic image there is a clean, clear mind that is able to hold that without fear. Fear creeping in or cynicism (which hides fear in a clever manner) will not allow for the state of sharp focus to hold on to the holographic picture. Anger may be used to spin your Merkaba fast so it is an easy emotion to get rid of. If applied correctly can override any inertia by using the emotion to spin fast till a great velocity has been achieved and you settle into the high of it. If there is any objection to holding a concept gets angry and gets rid of it by spinning it out. Do not be afraid to focus on an idea that scares you or appears too large to change. Adrenalin is not the hormone we are looking to run so staying in anger is not the answer; the momentum of Merkaba build is what uses that energy up quickly and exhilarations is replaced like a horse out of the starting gate. Then we arrive at this unspeakable place where the holographic pictures are held in the Merkaba correctly. Fatigue is also inexcusable as an excuse from daily work once Merkaba is known because a ten minute spin in your office over lunch can give you the equivalent of a two hour nap. Energy is yours to create from the zero point field that we are plugged into at all times by being in existence. Nothing can ever be missing when we know that we are plugged in at all times. Inertia against this is simply an ignorant mind that refuses its own exalted state. People that insist on being that do not stay with the spiritual tools they have been taught and often choose a lesser reality. Again fear based reaction to further evolution is occurring in this state and what to remember is on the other side of such attitude is eventual death. Moving through the fear and reviewing all of the successes that you have accomplished and excelled in is vitally important to combat fear because it is the fruit of the work that has ripened your soul and this success allows the soul to release the codex recalibration affecting the DNA that you will learn about later. Quantum Art Touch is recommended also as a vehicle for developing holographic mind through artistic application (vital for all modules) and visual expression.

A key item to remember is someone choosing a particular activity that is seemingly simple such as putting together a crossword puzzle which may seem boring to a person however that person may not realize that the individual has chosen that activity unconsciously to learn how to create from and understand the Q field. Children do this all the time and a really enlightened parent has foresight if he or she asks the child what is interesting about the choice? Usually the little soul will have an answer sometimes with astonishing information. Judgment may sneak up in situations like this that requires immediate assessment instead; enlightened communication is important for family and the workplace to be cohesive and harmonious.

Sympathy has its own set of failures: It affects the autonomic nervous system; sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system that is created to ‘be’ in homeostasis. Sympathy runs an observer ‘sympathetic’ which lessens the purity of the ‘be’ state. Purity is the largest miss assessed concept in many religions; it is erroneously associated with ‘goodness’ which if you examine the nervous system there is nothing good or bad about it quantitively. As described this is a key concept to the success of Quantum Mind Management. Empathy and compassion comes forth only from an open, joyful state and this presents a body in homeostasis able to facilitate unconditional love. A lack of homeostasis makes this more difficult as it reveals a lack of unconditional love for the self. Once a rebalancing and recalibration occurs from an attitude shift in the beingness necessary for the homeostasis to take place then the out pouring of unconditional love through empathy, compassion, giving of time and energy without resentment is facilitated.

In regards to health and well being the state of homeostasis is correct functioning of the body. Illness on the other hand does not mean we are bad and punished by God. It simply means a consciousness split in the area of the cortexes where the realization in the little I has not been mapped according to a codex key given to release an ailment through the understanding of improved flow of consciousness that affects a given area of the psyche. Once peace is reestablished in that given area homeostasis is quickly regained for there is no emotional pull away from it.

Anyone who has been through a light review will have experienced a fast review of anything perceived on a higher cognitive level that the cerebellum picks up on as the observer is experiencing all the people in the entity's life. What is important is that the persons being present with the observer that the observer knew in his or her life is illusory for it is our own souls recorded information about perceiving them and our affects on them that fast. If it is not realized in life what is occurring then the being is split as the little I in the cortexes too much to realize what the faster processing centers are receiving as streaming information about other people and the interactions they have with the entity. Exceptional healers and teachers develop this ability so a light review for the would be no surprise and they need not bother fall into one for the non split entity needs no light show of what went wrong with who. That is why higher consciousness beings stay out of light reviews and go to higher realms where no non is there as an illusion but the self exalted and some come back as in NDE with or without a light review. So how to stay out of one? In the day contemplating our relationships and who did what to who is moving into one alive. That is not necessary if you use Q mind management. Assessing what is subjectively a fit or not a fit is not looking at emotional underlying currents of others with us; that is the light review trap dead or alive to stay out of at all costs. Co dependent relationships are in need of this dynamic to function. If you're in on one you're a whore to it and will not hyper jump well in BMEQMTtools. I've watched this trade off of clients who left BME to stay in disfunctional marriages.

So assess and execute decisions in the day without emotional contortions through the nervous system; any of those are light review addict tendencies and destroy homeostasis.

*Anger moves the observer into the midbrain quickly and creates a pituitary sequence of hormones very fast. It is possible to ’grab emotions’ and to change it to joy or focus. This takes practice however and trains the observer to run the brain and motor system with intent instead of ’feelings’ running a motor mouth illogically. More techniques in the other Quantum Mind Tech tools are given on honing observation and focus skills. Yelling opens negative space as it shocks the brain and forces the energy using adrenalin very quickly to rise in an unwise manner in the body hence why some who do this a lot die of brain aneurisms or heart attacks. Energy run this way is not advised so walk away from conflict and assesses the issues to save the body from demise.

Note: Shaking in a person after experiencing any kind of a major personal shift is the failure to map the experience successfully in the cortex area of the brain. It is not unlike shock from a trauma or accident where the being must understand “what just happened to me?” Sometimes the events are so swift it leaves the consciousness scrambling to unify in understanding. Contemplation with notes helps to map any phenomenon that I have found many energetic healing practitioners experienced but were afraid because of lack of point of reference in knowledge as to what the experiences were. Fear may prevent the evolution of enlightened mind therefore knowledge becomes the invaluable point of reference to free that evolution fearlessly.

What ultimately causes aging? Apathy and even more strongly the negative burning anger that is sometimes hidden passively aggressively that is what causes the thy mic suppression that disallows the fourth energy center of the auric field that governs the heart or lungs to have correct energy flow of expansive energy. Burning anger shuts down thymic output and shrinks the gland. Furthermore digestive peptic problems are also a sign of repressed lingering anger. Quantum Mind Management alleviates these symptoms if applied correctly daily to improve the energy flow through the body. Nose and ear growth in the aging person is linked to the pituitary and thymic activity inclusive of thymosines action as a biological response modifier that is active in the immune function and in the regulation of growth. As the thymosine output diminishes in old age the regulatory factors of growth hormone that is still there is changed to accommodation large nose and ear growth out of proportion in a large segment of the population.

Another important note is that fear is a paradoxical condition where by the observer may be looking at the future however the past memory bank held by the brain is what prevents a non skewed or undemented assessment capability. So it is necessary to look at the issue where fear arises from and usually it is a memory bank where a past event is held that created the emotion of fear. It is often forgotten because until a similar circumstance arrives that requires the action of conceptualization that the mind must be changed from the previous state that triggers the fear and does not have the knowledge or experience to tackle. Contemplating the issue and using assessment identifying any outdated mind constructs usually cleans up the consciousness adequately to retackle the issue. Lingering anxiety is the state that is a whole archetype waiting to be extinguished that creates the fear of life on some level. A list of complaints that is this construct is a great tool to create for taking it apart and moving on. Remember to use humor and compassion for the self.

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