Leadership is vital in a successful sales team in the sales world. A study shows that 69% of salespeople with exceeding annual quota rated their sales manager as excellent or above average. A great sales leader form some exceptional qualities. These qualities are not only limited to sales expertise; it demands various qualities to unlock the leading superpower. We have researched a lot about sales leadership roles and responsibilities and finally came up with some qualifications to help find a high-performance sales leader for your sales business.

Expertise in sales process knowledge

An effective sales leader knows the ins and outs of the sales process. Knowing where to start and where to stop to get a successful and consistent sales conversion is a large part of leadership qualification. A sales manager who knows the sales insights properly can command and guide the sales team in the right direction. It's all about perfect game-planning.

Ability to build a high-performing team

By hiring, sales leaders can identify the quality salesperson and form a highly effective sales team. A manager can't bring success along. He needs a skilled and dedicated team to turn the business into a profitable one. A sales manager can't find his team in just one or two days. It's a long, duration step-by-step process. Strategic planning, sales training, and close observation can help to form a high-performance team. Ben Write has talked about how to build a high-performing sales team in his podcast, and you can listen to it here to get your best team-

Strong communication skill

The best sales leaders not only manage team and task but also build a relationship with sellers in every team and maintain it. Communicating with people at every step of your organization, monitoring them, listen to their different points of view will help them feel connected with the company. Sales is not an island. A great sales leader always communicates with people around him and works on getting the most out of every salesperson.

Strategy and innovation sense

Great leaders move forward strategically to defeat competitors and come out victorious. For sales reps and to empower the organization, it's essential to be thoughtful and develop an effective B2B sales strategy. An effective sales leader needs to understand the organization's goals and set innovative plans to achieve them. One can compile with SWOT analysis to know what strategy would be best for the company. SWOT analysis involves discovering the organization and sales team's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Target and deadline-driven

Managing a sales team demands a target and deadline-driven sales leader. Target fixing is a must to keep a team focused and drive them on the right track. A good sales manager fixes targets focusing on driven data from the market. Setting target and deadline on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and reviewing the results keeps sellers engaging and holds consistent sales results. SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Based) framework helps to fix an effecting target and deadline following the organization's goal and requirements.

Ability to choose the suitable sales methodology

Sales leaders know which methodology can lead the organization to a more engaged team, faster sales, higher conversion and consistent performance. There are many sales methodologies available in the market, but which one will be effective in finding and solving the sales organization's pain point? A great leader knows that. It helps to achieve a win-win outcome for a sales team. If you want to select the right method for your sales company, you can listen to our podcast by Ben Wright.

Empathy and emotional intelligence

Empathy and emotional intelligence become one of the most demanding qualities of an effective sales manager over the years. A successful sales team leader always asks salesforce about their family and leads with empathy and emotional attachment. This intelligence has two facets- one is the ability to manage own emotions, and the other is the ability to balance interpersonal relationships skilfully. Sales leader needs to deal with this situation on a daily basis, avoiding any negative impact on any salesperson. Sales are stressful, so sustaining positivity and reducing negativity if it arises encourage the team and give them strength to work smoothly.

Coaching and development of talent

Good leaders have the ability to coach and enjoy doing so. They understand that team members are the greatest asset in achieving sales conversion and targets. So, a successful sales leader identifies the weak points of individual teammates and brings the team to success by fixing them. Business sales coaching is about developing the skills of the salespersons and increasing their ability to take on more responsibilities. In fact, being a good salesperson is not essential to be a sales leader. His best quality is team management. A leader also shapes future leaders from the team with his practical coaching ability.

Inspirational and motivational

A quality sales team leader should be able to motivate and identify motivating factors in sellers to push them to the maximum optimization. The sales market is all about meeting quota, and often, salesperson goes under pressure at the end of the month or year to meet their quota. A good team leader always holds sales professionals' hands in these moments and prepares them to be accountable with the right inspiration and motivation.

Asking and Giving feedback

From sales to the HR department, feedback is a crucial tool. A high-performing leader always gives and asks for feedback from the team members. It is considered as one of the best habits of a sales leader. You should say what you see to form a high-quality professional sales team. Along with it, a great leader also carefully listens to team members' words and works accordingly for personal improvements.

An eye for talent

Recruiting talent to make up the ultimate sales team is one of the most important jobs of a sales leader. Hiring the right people is crucial as they are the organisation's foundation, and all the strategies and efforts will be built upon them. Influential sales leaders use their intuitive skills and emotional intelligence to determine which candidates will be an excellent addition to the team. Even after recruiting the salesforce, a leader always monitors them to make them skilled and professional salespersons.

Final thoughts

The great American author John Maxwell says- "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way." Sales leaders are no exception. With motioned qualities, a great sales team leader leads the salesforce toward meeting the organization's goals, forming them as great future leaders. Leadership is not developed by born. Study shows that leadership is 70% learned through lessons and assignments and 30% genetic. So, if you want to turn your sales team members into great leaders and increase your sales conversion with their personal developments, look no further than Stronger Sales Teams. We provide one-to-one and group sales leader coaching free resources with passion.

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