It was a Saturday morning as we began our seven hour drive from Burlington, VT to home after dropping off our daughter for her freshman year of college and because of the weekend event I was thinking that it was extremely important to be able to create harmony within myself and my reality.

Reflecting on all of the parents and their children at the college I saw many emotions; happiness, sadness, wonder, worry, stress and more. Amongst all of the activity I realized that so many of the parents, students and college staff were caught up in the immense activity of Life and Living that the energy I experienced was one of CHAOS and relative disorganization.

I took time during the first hour of my drive to think through the events of the weekend and it came to me that a simple qigong meditation and exercise could be learned by anyone and everyone on the planet Earth that could utilize the chaos of emotional energy that distributes itself across our planet every day.

It is in this Chaos that we can find the HARMONY in the Yin and Yang of emotional activity within the Universe. It is through our acknowledgment of the emotional chaos that each of us, college faculty, the students, the college organization, our nation and the entire world can manifest Harmony.

The first realization is that as an individual I or you can not directly change the harmony of the entire world. You can not really even change the harmony of the people that are closest to you. You can be a catalyst, an electromagnetic field of harmony potential, an example, an inducement for others, but you can not directly change their level of harmony.

YOU can only directly change your own level of vibration, YOUR HARMONY!

To begin to accomplish this I would like to present my qigong meditation exercise - “The Yin and Yang Breath of Harmony.” It is a simple method that you can easily learn and practice almost anytime when you have a moment to stand still. It requires that you breathe easily, relax, quiet your mind and create a visualization along with an internal affirmation.


“Today I create ME balanced between the Heavens and the Earth. I breathe in stretching up to touch the sky. I breathe out reaching down to touch the ground. Yin and Yang combine to create harmony in me!”


1. Find a relatively quiet place and stand relaxed, arms at your side, feet shoulder width apart.

2. Take three deep breaths and with each exhalation relax and feel your energy, your mind, your consciousness sink deep down into the earth.

3. Begin to INHALE, bring your hands and arms across in front of your abdomen, crossing them with palms upwards, raising them to the level of your solar plexus. VISUALIZE and feel the energy of the earth rising up through your legs to your solar plexus. AFFIRM to yourself, “Today I create ME balanced between the heavens and the Earth... ”

4. Continue to INHALE, raising your arms up in front of your face, palms turning upward, pushing your hands high up overhead, stretching almost to the point of lifting your heels off the ground, palms facing upwards. Feel yourself, your consciousness connect with the heavens, your consciousness expanding outward. VISUALIZE the earth's energy moving up through your head and up into the sky like a beacon of white light shining to the heavens. AFFIRM to yourself, “I breathe in, stretching up to touch the sky... ”

5. EXHALE, turn your palms outward and lower your hands and arms out to the sides, bending at the knees and sinking toward the ground, crossing your wrists at the level of your ankles. Feel the heaven energy and VISUALIZE the white light surrounding you and returning through you into the earth below, your consciousness merges with the earth. AFFIRM to yourself, “I breathe out, reaching down to touch the ground, yin and yang combine to create harmony in Me.”

REPEAT steps 3, 4 and 5 for several minutes. During this time you are becoming the center of Yin and Yang, of Earth and Heaven, creating your Harmony within.

6. INHALE, bring your hands and arms across in front of your abdomen, crossing them with palms upwards, raising them to the level of your solar plexus.

7. EXHALE, separate your arms, turn your palms downward and relax back into your original starting position.

8. Take three deep breaths and feel your Harmony within.

So, consider that no matter where you are, no matter what circumstances you are in and no matter what you are doing, “As you Breathe, the World Breathes; Breathe Hard and the World Breathes Hard; Breathe Soft and the World Breathes Soft; Breathe with a Conscious Positive Purpose in which you have deeply rooted feelings and the Universe will manifest your Harmonious REALITY.”

Begin today to BREATHE RIGHT and FEEL RIGHT, this is the Right and Certain Way that will manifest your awesome health and reality.

Author's Bio: 

Kevin Hufford is a respected qigong master and teaches classes, seminars and instructor certification in upstate New York, the USA and Internationally. He is the founder of a new and revolutionary system called Mind Power Qigong. For more information and to CLAIM YOUR COPY of "It's Your Health, Create It NOW!" please visit -