A QA process is the pivotal process of product development. A well-organized Quality process helps your application to discard bugs if you use the Agile methodology. The development team and tester team can interact more effectively when the testing process is built correctly. The real opinion of customers is the most valuable information for the business, it decides the position of the business in the market. QA and Testing accelerate the development and product delivery. QA testing can be the fastest procedure with the right practices into development strategy at an early stage that gives you a chance to bug test your product and release it.

Here are some key points from our team of experienced QA engineers:

Determine the scope and goals of testing
To reduce the risks of product failure, the role of a tester at the feature planning phase is about preventing defects and detecting them as early as possible. The main motive of testing is to detect bugs or errors and the purpose of quality assurance is to correct them. This testing process is the standard goal, but there may be goals that are determined by the needs of the customer’s business. Mentioning the field of testing, you must thoroughly understand what exactly you have to test.

Effective communication and interaction
Effective communication and interaction are the keys to the improvement of your product quality and product releases. Empower your product manager, development team, and QA engineers to share ideas and workflows through several modes of communication. A professional QA team lead is to be engaged if the project needs a large QA team. Under effective communication and interaction, each and every team member will contribute to the final results and understand their responsibilities. The more clarity your QA team has into the release requirements, the earlier they will come to know about the issues that may occur in delivery.

Defining a Testing methodology
Waterfall Methodology
In the waterfall model, the software development advances through several phases such as requirement analysis, design, etc. The first phase of the Waterfall methodology is the requirements analysis and documentation phase. Tester has to prepare for the documentation for testing, clarity, executability, and verifiability. In this methodology, the testing team moves to the next phase only when the previous phase is completed. The team will proceed with the execution of the test cases once the design of the software is completed to ensure that the developed software behaves as expected.

Agile methodology
As for testing projects built by the Agile methodology, the essence of the flexible approach is maintained in the testing process also. In this, the software is developed in a gradual and rapid cycle. This means that testing takes place in parallel with the development process. QA specialists test each newly created part of the software product and only then developers can progress on to the next task. Interaction amongst customers, developers, and clients is accentuated rather than processes and tools. The agile methodology focuses on responding to change rather than substantial planning.

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