I imagine you’ve seen the movie ‘The Secret
So…what do you think?

Can we really attract and become what we think about? Is the law of attraction real and how do we apply it to our life?

The ‘Law Of Attraction’ seems to have been the buzz word over the past few years with movies like ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’, ‘Beyond Belief’ and ‘The Secret’.

The thought of attracting and creating anything we want in life is certainly exciting and inspiring. I personally believe in the Law Of Attraction and the power of creating our own future.

However, there seems to be a lot of skepticism and ‘grey areas’ around the subject.

Is the law of attraction real and does it work; is it actually a universal law? The theory is that we become and attract what we think about most of the time. It’s been knocking around the personal development world for decades and decades.

Napoleon Hill was the first person that introduced the concept to me in the book ‘Think And Grow Rich’, an awesome and life changing book.

The late great Earl Nightingale also said “We become what we think about all day long” (or words to that affect). So, do our thoughts become reality, do we become what we think about and focus on and are thoughts really ‘things’?

Well, like I mentioned earlier, I personally do believe in the law of attraction and I have personal experiences to support my belief. But surely there is more to the law of attraction than simply just ‘thinking’ about what we want in life and waiting for it to magically appear.

I mean let’s be honest and realistic, if you were to sit on the end of your bed saying “I am a millionaire....I am a millionaire....I am a millionaire” whilst visualizing $1 million in your hands, you’ll probably have a long wait before the $1 million appears.

It’s for this reason I think that a lot of people get disheartened or even depressed when things do not work out, or magically appear the way they wanted and then give up on their dreams and goals.

So, it seems we need to be a bit more specific, a bit more clarity if you please. The sometimes overlooked and probably most important ingredient is actually staring us right in the face. The law of attrACTION.....did you catch that? Yes, ACTION.

Think about your own experience’s with ‘The Law Of Attraction’ and what ACTION you’ve taken towards your goals.
The importance of taking ‘Massive Continuous Action’ was explained and made clearer to me recently by one of today’s greatest entrepreneurs and business minds and one of my personal mentors, Mr. Dan Kennedy.

Dan said quite openly that the ‘law of attraction’ is NOT a law. He explains that gravity is a law, meaning, you don’t have to think positively or negatively about it. In fact it even works on inanimate objects which have no thought process.

If you step off a building or drop an object from a height, you and ‘it’ are going to hit the ground....simple.

He goes on to say that attraction is something that is MADE to happen, a product of strategies, of thoughts and of ACTION and behaviors. Pretty mind altering when you get it.

The ‘secret’ is not in how you think. Thinking does not make it so, as he jokes saying, “If that’s true then where’s my ham sandwich?” He continues tongue in cheek by saying, “If we become what we think about, then I’m going to turn into a girl...”

What he is saying is that the law of attraction itself is NOT a lie, but the error is in the omission, or what’s being left out. Meaning, thoughts CAN become things, only when certain actions are taken.

This is very, very important and where a lot of people get caught out. They think that all they have to do is think their goal and it will magically appear.

It’s not to say that this is impossible, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s highly unlikely. There would certainly be a lot more wealthier and happier people out there and the lottery jackpot would be divided among a lot more people.

So put some ACTION into your goals and make 'The Law Of Attraction' work for you....Every Time!

Health, Wealth and Happiness...Always

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