Those who spend a great deal of time complaining do a lot of negative thinking. Both complaining and thinking negative thoughts feed off of each other.

When you voice complaints, you’re validating negative thoughts. When you don’t believe in yourself you are effectively making your life more difficult. You’re putting obstacles in your path before you’ve even begun.

It is time to put an end to complaining by squashing negative thoughts. It all begins with understanding that eliminating a pattern of negative thoughts and complaints can be rewarding.

The truth of the matter is that any extreme emotion and any expression of such emotion can be addictive and can feed each other. However, you don't have to remain under that control.

Learn to recognize negative thoughts. Be patient with yourself as you work through negative thoughts. Reason with yourself about whether such thoughts will enhance or detract from your quality of life.

A Formula to Conquer Negative Thinking

Be firm about personal development - You need to be decisive. Either you want to get rid of the negativity in your life or you don't, although I would think you would. Nonetheless, work on it steadily and address it when it comes up.

Negativity is easy and comfortable for you, but a life without it will make those around you and yourself much happier and your life much easier.

Always be on the alert for negative thoughts - At first you may only catch them when you find yourself complaining. Analyze how you got to the point of complaint. The sooner you catch the negative thoughts, the more capable you become in your effort to stop complaining.

Be a problem solver - You don't need to judge the type of person you are. You need to instead judge what it will take to change your negative thoughts.

Your mind can switch between thoughts quickly, but it can only process them one at a time. If you set your mind on a positive path, it cannot go negative without making a switch.

Making a conscious effort to stay on the right path is important in the early going, but the whole process of thinking in positive terms can become a habit after several weeks of concentrated effort.

Be Responsible for Your Thoughts

There is a misconception that you cannot control your thoughts. This only happens when you choose not to make the effort. If you want to overcome negativity in order to stop complaining, you need only to learn how to recognize when you're off course and to re-apply positive thoughts.
You are in control of this process. This is why it is often, correctly said that you are the one who decides whether you will be happy or not.

You must decide whether or not you want to live a life of circumstantial complaints or a full life of your own choosing. The first step is to stop negativity.

In order to achieve this for the long run, you must stop complaining. One cannot exist for long without the other. Take responsibility, eliminate complaining by squashing negative thoughts.

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Lea Bullen is a certified life coach and conscious living advocate who is passionate about helping people gain more control and enjoy their lives.

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