I know you can't be a woman 'of a certain age' which is who I generally write for, and have never been stuck. This can be a time when you were stuck in your life or stuck in your business. Even the word 'stuck' has that 'uck' factor. Yuck. Muck. It happens to everyone. I don't know a person in the world that hasn't been to that place.

You might be stuck in a job, stuck in a relationship, stuck in your business, stuck in your workout routine. Being stuck is just a fact of life. Sometimes you get stuck because you don't want to make changes that possibly should be made. Change can be hard and sometimes it seems just so much easier to just stay put.

You hear the word 'transformation' all the time. Transformation, they say, is a good thing. It's what helps you grow and learn and takes you from here to there. The classic example is the butterfly. Over a given period of time a butterfly will emerge, grow, evolve and mature. What about you? How many times in your life have you transformed like the butterfly? Maybe the key is that last step. "Mature'

As women after 50 have we matured yet? Do we have more maturing to go? I suspect we will go through this cycle many more times. The key is what exactly DO you DO when you get stuck? There are many choices out there. You can talk to friends or family. You can talk to a therapist. You can read books.

I think sometimes when you are stuck it may be time to look at your values. Are they being honored and respected? Are they being listened too? When there is that stuck period it helps to have support. Being stuck all by yourself can make things feel even more stuck than they may even be.

Surround yourself with support and people who love and care about you. The naysayers? Stay as far away from them as you can. They will not move your forward. They do not have your best interest in heart.

When you are stuck, when you know it's time for a change or a transformation of some sort you need to be able to have a vision that turns into action or doing. It's that act of 'doing' that moves you to getting unstuck. Don't scare or overwhelm yourself by believing the 'change' is too big. Just take it in small bites, small steps, small actions that move you forward.

Stuck in your job? Do you need a new one or can you just tweak what you have? Stuck in a relationship? At the very least talk about it. Stuck in your business? What is something new you can do to shake it up? Stuck in your workout routine? Change it up! There certainly are plenty of options out there.

Now, you just have to get into action and do it. "Just Do It" Get yourself Unstuck. Move yourself forward.

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