Recently I had one of those experiences that we probably all have from time to time, but wish we had skipped it. I pulled a muscle, and anyone who has done that knows how painful it can be. I’ve done it before, so I knew immediately what was wrong, but the thought of dealing with a lot of pain for days didn’t appeal much to me.

The last time I pulled a muscle, it was in my chest, and every breath that I took hurt. The pain was so bad that it scared me, and I saw my doctor. The doctor prescribed some medication, which made the pain bearable, but there was still a lot more pain than I wanted to have to deal with.

This time around there was a difference. I use EFT all the time now, for all kinds of issues, and though I hadn’t used it for pulledmuscleanything quite like this, I felt confident that I could get some relief from tapping, so tap I did!

The pulled muscle was low on my left side. Any use of my left arm caused the pulled muscle to go into painful spasms, as did getting up and down from a seated position. When that happened, it felt as though someone had jabbed a sharp knife into my side, and initially, just after the injury, the pain was so severe that it literally took my breath away.

First I started tapping on the pain:

“Even though I have this pain in my lower left side that feels like someone just stabbed me…”

“Even though it’s really painful to stand up or sit down or move my left arm…”

“Even though I can feel the muscle in my left side going into spasms and that hurts a lot…”

“Even though the pain in my left side is so bad that sometimes it takes my breath away…”

All of this tapping was done with the goal of reducing the pain. It was not immediately apparent to me whether I had done that, but I continued to tap, now focusing on the healing that I knew had to happen in order for me to feel better.

“Even though I have this painful pulled muscle in my left side, I want the healing to start and the pain to stop…”

“Even though I have this injury to my left side, I want the healing in my muscles, tendons, nerves and skin to start at a cellular level…”

I spent about an hour tapping on the pain and the healing that I wanted to happen. By the end of that first day, I was fairly comfortable when I kept still, but was still unsure about the extent to which I had succeeded with my tapping.

When I woke on day 2, got out of bed, and started to move around, it was obvious to me that the tapping had made a difference. I still had some pain and discomfort, but it was far less than it had been the day before. I continued tapping on both the pain and the hoped for healing.

Day 3 was better still, and by day 4 there was so little pain and discomfort that I could easily move around in a normal way, and I could use my left arm without sending my left side into spasms.

Since this was a kind of injury that I had suffered through before, I knew just how bad it could be, and how intense the pain was. There was a definite basis for comparison, so I knew without a doubt how much help the tapping had been. I also believe that it helped for me to start tapping so soon after the injury.

Now, should I find myself in that unpleasant situation again, I know exactly how to handle it, and I hope that you’ll follow my lead if you should ever find yourself with an injury of that sort.

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Pat Burns is an EFT practitioner in Tallahassee, Florida specializing in working with those with self esteem issues, inner child issues and adoption related issues. Contact Pat at or visit her website at