1. Find your niche and audience…once you do dig deeper and really narrow in on a very specific group of people, a group that you are meant to serve, one that desperately needs your solution to their very specific problem. Find the problem. Offer the solution.

2. Create a brand for your speaking business. What do you want to be known for? Research your competitors and see how they’re positioning themselves…set yourself apart from them and be different, don’t be afraid to be the purple cow in the field. Be clear with your brand; do not confuse your audience. It really needs to be focused, targeted and clear. Be consistent with your brand as it will follow you everywhere and on everything from your marketing material to the way you answer your calls.

3. Create an online presence: A website that is designed to meet the needs of your target audience and one that includes all the necessary ingredients for online success as a speaker (this is vital because about 95% + planners and media professionals are going online to find their experts and you need to make sure you’re easily found with a very clear message)

4. Create essential marketing material

5. Set up marketing strategies to be applied in your speaking business and start building your platform. Let your platform be clear and targeted.

6. Create products, products, products. You have so much knowledge and talent built up inside and you need to get it out in different learning formats for your audience. This will build your credibility and create a stream of income for you.

7. Learn the importance of building relationships. I can’t stress this enough…its all in the relationships.

8. Follow up! Follow up is essential especially in the speaking business. Don’t worry your not being a nuisance but showing you are very interested and are the perfect speaker for their event. Now, don’t overdo the follow up to where you have exhausted them but just a few simple follow up calls or emails to let them know you are the perfect one to provide solutions for their audience.

If you want to secure your first speaking engagement and create a full schedule then it’s vital to take steps in building your speaking business. Don’t hop from point A to C because you will end up back tracking and in the end only feel frustrated by the endless wasted hours and the dent you put in your pocket book. So take your time in starting your speaking business and if done right you can have a successful and lucrative business!

Author's Bio: 

Wendi McNeill development and marketing coach for beginning speakers has been opening doors of opportunity and coaching speakers since 2002. She is the founder of Charli Jane Speaker Services providing solutions through programs, coaching and speaker services to help beginning speakers start and grow their business and create multiple streams of income. Wendi is the wife to an amazing husband, mother of 4 daughters (no boys), author, workshop leader, and raising teen girls parenting coach. Visit Wendi online to see if she has a solution to your challenge in starting & growing your speaking business. http://www.CharliJane.com