The model that we use to approach any idea, determines not only how we perceive it, but literally “what we see” as a result. A model has a beginning, middle and an ending inherent in it. It indicates process. A model that is inappropriate for the desired creation, is evident by what we actually create as opposed to what we intend to create, or set out to create. Modern psychology is failing because it is using the wrong model to create its foundation and how it is applied. It operates out of a model of “healing”, which indicates that there is an injury, illness, problem, or something wrong that needs to be corrected, fixed or treated. It uses the same model as medicine which is designed to deal with the physical body which is the effect of the mind and the environment.
The body is symptomatic and the result or manifestation of something. It is solid in nature and capable of being injured or broken. The mind, not as the brain or body, is energetic in nature and when perceived as the center out of which we create personal experience, is causal in nature. Energy as intelligence proceeds form. It is energetic essence that hasn’t manifested as actual substance, it is what determines the structure or form something takes that causes it to manifest as something specific. It is dynamic in nature and always in the process of evolving through various stages of transformation as self-creating (becoming).
To be at cause, is to be creative. The mind is creative in nature. It’s only function is creating personal experiences out of an objective reality. Therefore the correct model to use in approaching it is a creative model. One of transformation, development and growth that serves to evolve the soul through increasing its range of possible expression. Ancient wisdom always associated Healing Arts with the physical body and a Physician, and psychology with education or a Spiritual Teacher. We develop the mind by training it to be able to obtain knowledge through experience. All knowledge is self-knowledge which comes only by way of actual experience. Experience is the perception of knowledge itself. Knowledge is applied at the practical level and can therefore be proven. Truth is revealed through direct experience of something. Once we experience something, we “know it”, have knowledge of it, and it does not require belief.
Belief is not knowledge itself, but rather given to us by others in place of actual experience. We accept someone else’s experience, ideas or opinion over our own, in place of our own, or as being truer than our own. The belief which is theoretical in nature and not derived from our own experience of it at the practical level of our personal reality becomes the false basis from which we build illusion in place of actual reality. Just as the belief replaces true knowledge, the reality born out of belief creates an illusion in place of reality which is based in true knowledge. Belief is only required when we don’t actually know something and so have to take someone’s word for it instead. We adopt someone else’s idea and opinion and imagine it to be our own. We agree with it, accept it as true, and so act to co-create it. The belief becomes the creative pattern as a mental filter that we use to reinterpret objective reality in order to create an experience of the belief which serves to validate it.
The belief becomes the meaning of experience. Meaning shapes us through experiences. The meaning that we assign to an experience at once reveals the lesson, through self-expression that we simultaneously identify with which acts to shape us through the same act. We are the creator, the creation and the experience of creating, all in a single motion.
Because beliefs are given to us without practical application as the means of being able to perceive them and therefore obtain them, we create the experience of them in our imagination through a form of fantasizing. We imagine an experience of them and that’s what makes them seem real. Because we can imagine them, we identify with them, and they serve to give us a sense of ourselves in relationship to them. Once this happens, our life as the self-expression of knowledge, fragments, breaks off, and begins forming in a new direction, or several directions at the same time causing inner conflict, indecision and ultimate confusion as going back-and-forth. We veer off course and begin constructing whole segments of reality out of an illusion that serves as self-delusion.
When we approach psychology from the perspective of being in need of healing, the underlying message is that something is wrong, broken and therefore in need of healing, and it serves to undermine personal experience that is being deemed illusion in favor of the real illusion which is another person’s opinion that you are accepting as more real than your own. You are being taught not to trust your own experience, but rather the belief of another instead. This sets-up the very foundation for creating an entire reality based on a belief-system rather than knowledge obtained through personal experience. Psychologist attempt to conform to the scientific method in order to be accepted as a valid science, defies the very foundation of science itself, not in the sense of repetitive process to produce a predictable outcome, but rather that it robs the individual of their own power which means that it can never actually be proven through experience. It operates out of the basis of theory being accepted in place of physical reality. It places people in neat little categories that can be labeled, treated according to a predetermined process and medicated accordingly.
When dealing with the humanities, with human sciences, we have to bring “art” back into the equation. Art and science need to be approached as different aspects of the same thing. As whole-minded approach rather than fragmented and isolated into parts that are never reintegrated back into a whole. Psychology is a science of endless variations produced through practical application. Not a singular outcome formed from a specified and methodical application. As humans we are richly unique in every moment as a form of self-expression. Every perception is born in the moment it takes places as a unique combination of numerous factors that all play a part in how things express and are therefore perceived. In the next moment, the same core or essence, expresses in a new and unique way based on the minute changes in influence as a fluctuation of the whole. Life is an unimaginable array of endless variety all unfolding simultaneously within what appears to be a common reality.
In psychology, we must approach it from a model of creation as naturally inducing self-transformation that evolves the soul through its ability to self-express in unique ways within the moment as it spontaneously unfolds dramatically through meaningful experience. People are not broken, merely misled. They are not in need of fixing, rather reeducating. Unlearning lies, and relearning their power to create their own life experiences as a means of self-expression and becoming the true creators of their own life story through minute-by-minute experiences of their own making. We cannot change objective reality, but we can create how we experience that reality by the meaning we give it that reveals our inner truth as an outer reflection.

Linda Gadbois, DES., CCHt.

Author's Bio: 

Doctor of Spiritual Sciences and Mind/Body Medicine
BA in Clinical Hypnotherapy
NLP Master and Trainer