There is no need to work longer hours, take on 2nd jobs, set up strict budgets or sell personal property in order to stay afloat. Money problems are not causing your stress. Stress is causing your money problems! My goal is to help you remember the key to financial freedom and release your number one blockage to money - fear of lack.

Prosperity IS your birthright. You have an innate knowledge of that, but you've forgotten. This article offers 5 steps to stimulate personal wealth by reconnecting you to the birthright you have overlooked. Practice the steps regularly and you will never feel lack or stress over money again.

My own prosperity birthright resurfaced about 10 years ago during recovery from the lowest point in my life. I was forced from my home with my 6 year old son. My marriage ended badly and I suffered significant losses. Along with the house, I lost 2 beautiful step-children, my car, my job and all sense of security. With $300 to my name I relocated several times to keep a roof over my son's head. I had no formal education and very low self-esteem. When there was little left for me to lose, a law suit was filed against me seeking full custody of my son. That was the last straw and my turning point. Determined to take my life back, I read every self-help book I could get my hands on. I studied the habits of some of the most successful people in the world and was astonished to learn that many of them had similar "wake-up calls" or dark moments in life, like the one I was going through. Each one offered their own recipe for success and prosperity, based on their individual experiences. While each offered their unique flavor, there was a common ingredient each considered the most essential. Focus.

What you focus on becomes your reality. Focus on wealth, you become wealth. Focus on poverty, you become poverty. Focus on having, you receive. Focus on lack, you lose. Finding it virtually impossible to think my way out of lack while my life was in shambles, my burning question became "How do I change my focus?"

And that brings me to my own recipe for prosperity which I offer in part below. I wish to impart to my readers some good news - it is not necessary to endure a life-threatening or security-threatening challenge (like I did) in order to remember that prosperity is a birthright. That is unless you are stubborn. Sometimes we are given gifts of information that we can use to make positive changes in our lives. If we ignore these gifts, we may eventually find ourselves in uncomfortable circumstances that force our hand. Either way, we are given the choice to learn. Again, my goal is for you to learn minus the hardship. Changing my focus and developing my own success principles magically transformed my life. A couple months after I was forced from my home with my son, I took an $8/hour part-time job at a software company, and then a full-time position, then several promotions and incentives came along. Within 3 years, I was packing away savings and purchasing my own home and a brand new car. Within 5 years I was earning a 6 figure income. The realization buried deep inside of me since birth, came closer and closer to the surface and smacked me across the head as if to say "You create your own reality, silly!" I became acutely aware that anything was attainable, so I left my job to start my own company.

MASTERTING MONEY FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Below I offer a 5 step process to changing your financial reality. Each of the following 5 steps are offered in greater detail and are accompanied by several additional ways to enhance prosperity in an upcoming book that will be available Winter of 2009, called Easy Street.

1. BELIEVE IN YOUR BIRTHRIGHT: You won't be able to enhance your financial picture if you don't feel worthy to receive money. I constantly compare money to oxygen. Oxygen is one of several birthrights that we humans are entitled to once we leave the womb. If we were conditioned to believe that oxygen had to be "earned" just imagine the ramifications! And yet, to me, it's just as ludicrous to believe we have to "earn" money. That concept sets us up for failure right from the start. And think about it, we were taught that we have to "earn money" from the time we were very young! We were given an allowance based on getting chores done. We had to "earn" money to go to the movies by cleaning the house. We had to "earn" gas money by treating our parents with respect. Can you imagine holding oxygen over your child's head and saying, "you can't inhale unless you fold your laundry!"? If you say, "it's not the same thing" or if you think this concept is ridiculous, I challenge you to experiment with the idea for a while - start training your mind to believe that money is just as much of a birthright as oxygen and see what happens.

I create income and draw money to me in a variety of ways because I have a mind that believes it is a birthright. If income happens to be lighter than usual one month, money comes to me in other ways - amazing ways. I have received anonymous checks written by third party signatures, commission checks I wasn't expecting and settlement checks for thousands of dollars more than I anticipated. And money has also come in the form of material gifts or credits. I rented office space and after remodeling, I was low on cash to buy furniture. Because I have mind that believes everything works in my favor, I didn't worry. A client called and asked if I could take an antique desk off her hands - a beautiful desk, mine in exchange for simply getting it out of her way. Someone else provided a brand new set of wing chairs, and someone else offered a free printer, and the next thing you know the majority of my office was filled with good quality furnishings and equipment for which I didn't even ask and didn't spend a dime. Prosperity is our birthright - believe it and you will begin to see miracles unfold.

2. UNDERSTAND YOUR CURRENT MONEY PROGRAMMING: You won't be able to enhance your financial picture if you don't exhume some deep seated subconscious programming or learned behavior that surrounds money. Just like you were taught you have to "earn money", you may have been exposed to lots of other negative programming that got lodged in your subconscious without your permission. If you apply a whole list of positive affirmations concerning money ("money comes to me easily") and yet nothing ever changes, I encourage you to look deeper and unearth everything you've witnessed in your life that left a negative feeling associated with money. Journaling can expedite this process.

For example, when I was a child, my parents use to fight about money a lot. Bill paying day was the worst day of the month in my house. My mother worried about money and my father, in an effort to save my mother from unnecessary worry, didn't talk about his money issues. At one point, he was so deep in debt that there were bill collectors coming to the door. My mother was mortified and there was more arguing and lots of mistrust. Having witnessed this type of experience throughout my childhood, I was programmed to believe that money was a source of arguments, money caused mistrust, money caused marital problems, paying bills was stressful, and bill collectors are unreasonable and untrustworthy and downright scary! When I became an adult, bill paying day was the worst day of the month in my house and the source of a lot of arguing between my husband and me. But even as a single person, I would get a pit in my stomach on bill paying day, no matter how large my bank account was. I became irritable and intimidated when having to call vendors to discuss a bill (like my cable provider); always suspecting they would try to scam me and take my money or just treat me badly.

Now I look at my bills differently. I thank the electric bill when it comes, thrilled that I pay such a small price to have this modern convenience. Through gratitude, I am rewarded with more income in a variety of ways (some that defy all reasoning). If I have to call a vendor, I envision that the customer service rep on the other side of the call is completely on my side and looking out for my best interest. And I program my mind to believe that they will always give me the best service at the very best price. I have received many discounts, credits, and free services as a result of this thinking. And I have even made friends out of some local utility company customer service reps.'s worth your time and can make a huge difference in your capacity to experience prosperity.

3. REPLACE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ATTACHED TO MONEY: You won't be able to enhance your financial picture if most of your thoughts and actions surrounding money are negative. This concept is similar to understanding your programming, but not as deeply ingrained and therefore, easier to "fix". I created a product in the form of a flash card deck called "Stop the BS that's Blocking your Confidence" - a tool designed to help clean up your thought process by providing about 40 of the most common limiting beliefs and behaviors that weaken us or set us up for failure, as well the suggested replacement for that belief or behavior. A belief system can make or break your ability to achieve success in life, so it's important to determine what's at the core of your believe system.

If you believe money is scarce, difficult to earn, hard to save, or evil, you may find prosperity eludes you. If you have attached your own negative requirements to money, you may also experience difficulty making money.

For example, somewhere along the line, I adopted a belief that without a college degree a person would struggle to bring in a decent income. I didn't have a college degree and so my belief became my reality and money was always difficult for me to make. Once I replaced that limiting belief with one that didn't attach a qualifier to money, (money comes to me just as easily with or without a degree), I acquired money easily. I use to think people who made a lot of money were greedy and self-centered and borderline evil. I didn't want to be greedy or evil, and since I had attached these attributes to money, I ultimately, but unknowingly sabotaged by ability to be prosperous.

Another believe that I see in the majority of my clients is the belief that money is in short supply. This is the belief that birthed my comparison of money and oxygen. I ask my clients while they are exhaling, if they are internally stressing about whether there will be oxygen for their next inhale. "Of course not!" they laugh. Unless you are in the unfortunate position of being locked in an airtight room with a limited supply of oxygen you probably never walk around thinking about it. It's just there! I will tell audiences to shout out every principle they can think of that's associated with breathing. They shout, "It's a no brainer! It just comes naturally! There is an endless supply! I can take it for granted! I don't have to think about it! I don't worry about it! I expect it to be there!" And then I ask them if they can take every one of those principles and apply them to money. It's the same thing! "Money comes naturally! There's an endless supply! I don't worry about it! I expect it to be there!" Clients who begin to retrain their mind to believe this are the ones that experience prosperity on a whole new level.

If you were to leave this planet today and go live on another planet where the inhabitants believed that money was a limitless, abundant source that was always available, you would never stress about money. You would just take for granted it was there for you. But if these same inhabitants believed that oxygen was in high demand and should be handled cautiously because it was scarce, difficult to obtain and "the source of all evil" you would attach fear and lack to oxygen or you would constantly count your breaths! Most likely, you would land up with asthma, bronchitis or an oxygen tank to survive. Why? Like everything else, your focus becomes your reality. Monitor your current thoughts concerning money and see how many of them are attaching a limiting or negative factor to money, wealth and prosperity and then commit to changing your belief system!

4. BEWARE OF "LACK-TRIGGERS": You won't be able to enhance your financial picture if you over expose yourself to lack-triggers. "Lack-triggers" is my term for any person, place or thing that takes your focus off prosperity and places it on lack. Lack-triggers produce small doses of fear that chip away at your joy and cause you to start doubting your prosperity birthright! Believe me; you know when you are exposed to lack-triggers. There is no mistaking the feeling. You'll notice a dip in your mood. You'll sense the tension in your body. You'll feel the rain on your parade! I'll paint a picture for you of some of the lack-triggers you probably expose yourself to daily. The following is an excerpt of my book scheduled for completion in Winter 2009, called Easy Street:

"Each morning you start the day with a cup of coffee and a batch of local TV news reporters who anxiously fill you in on "the failing economy, latest unemployment statistics, housing market decline, plummeting stock market", and other calamities involving the dollar. You reach outside to grab your morning paper. Front page headline reads, "Buckle up your wallet, gas prices up 82 cents per gallon by the end of the summer". You get in your car and turn on your radio on the way to the office. What a surprise - more "good" news! (Okay, I'm being sarcastic). How do you think these lack-triggers affect your peace of mind? How do they alter your belief system? If you think it has no affect, ask your co-workers! You'll probably find them in the coffee room or around the water-cooler complaining about what they just paid at the pump; or trying to top each other by comparing their electric bills.

Still think it doesn't affect you? Don't worry; you'll get more opportunities to find out, when you go to the gym, the golf course, the hair salon, the waiting room at the doctor's office, and even your cousin's baby shower! The fact is lack-triggers are everywhere and while I'm not suggesting that you should barricade yourself in your home with no TV, radio or people contact, I am recommending you become aware of all the lack-triggers in your life and monitor the affect it has on you. Do you get physical sensations like a pit in the stomach, lump in the throat, bouncing knee, grinding teeth, and crimp in your neck? Do you sense emotional changes? Do you get irritable or depressed? Feel less like going out to that new Sushi restaurant for dinner? Feel less motivated to shop for that new plasma TV? Do you start counting your pennies and reevaluate your spending decisions by discontinuing certain services you've been use to? Do you ditch the cleaning woman and start coloring your own hair?

Understanding the incredibly ill affect lack-triggers can have on you and your prosperity is the biggest step! So congratulate yourself for becoming aware of them. The rest is easy! Decide which triggers you can minimize or eliminate completely. I rarely watch the news. My friends know that the only thing I like about the local 6:00 AM news is "Baby's First Birthday!" The rest of the TV news goes unheard in my house. I select the news I want through scanning the newspaper and the internet. That way I don't have to "hear" sensationalistic facts that go against my healthy belief system. If I'm in places that insist on blasting their TV's (like doctors offices, hair salons, pizza parlors), I either take a "feel good" book to read or an IPod of my favorite music or an inspirational audio book. These are simple steps that make a big overall difference in protecting a prosperity mind-set.

When lack-triggers are in the form of people, like co-workers, neighbors or even family members, determine how much contact is healthy for you and make adjustments! Certain people will always be a part of your life but if you find their conversations begin to conjure up images of "lack", don't allow yourself to get involved! Listen, smile and nod if you must, but don't engage in the conversation! The worst thing you can do to your prosperity-conscious mind is to contribute to the quagmire of despair by adding your own complaints or topping someone else's experience! This behavior promotes a prosperity blockage! Protect yourself! Your wallet is counting on you!

You will find in time, while the majority is complaining about economy, you will remain completely unaffected, letting the whole conversation (or the latest news) just roll off your back without a care in the world. That is when you know you have overcome a lack-consciousness. I have trained my belief system to tune out news commentaries involving a harsh economy as well as any negative remarks or complaint-sessions with friends, family or business associates. I may subtly offer my philosophy about prosperity, but I never engage in the drama or get pulled into an argument involving "bad economy" or lack. I shield myself from the low energy of the conversation so it doesn't linger with me. And that way it doesn't hamper my outlook or make me want to change any of my plans or goals."

A final thought about lack-triggers: You may find that even the most positive, abundant, caring people can still set off your internal alarm ("Lack trigger! Lack trigger!"), and fill you with fear. Especially financial consultants and business consultants! Yes - some of the best, most successful financial and business advisors can lend information that startles or triggers an emotional response that changes your prosperity-conscious thinking to lack-conscious thinking. If you sense the internal alarm, shield yourself and remember your birthright!

5. FLIP THE SWITCH: No matter what your current financial picture looks, adopt the philosophy of another well-known cliché: "Today is the first day of the rest of my life" and choose to make the rest of your life the way you want it. If your well being has ever been threatened, whether physically or emotionally, you are probably familiar with the turning point - that is the moment where you decide to take a stand and take back your life. The fact is, life is meant to be fantastic and you are here to be happy, creative and prosperous. I suggest you make a decision to flip the switch and take back your God-given right to be prosperous.

Flipping the switch is related to your mindset about money more than your course of action with money. It is deciding to change the way you think about money, more than changing the way you make, save or spend money. For example, instead of thinking up ways to get out of debt, I'm suggesting you simply stop focusing on debt. You ask "how is that possible when I owe so much money?" And I say, as long as you keep focusing on debt, debt will be your reality. You ask "is it as easy as just changing my thinking?" I say that is where it all begins. The rest will happen naturally. You will know exactly how to take action once you believe. My clients have heard me say the following line over and over: "Don't worry about HOW, just believe it NOW". As you begin to program your mind to believe that prosperity is your birthright (the NOW), all the other answers are revealed to you (the HOW). You will start to be guided to take action doing what you love for a living. You will begin to understand that it IS possible to turn a hobby or talent into a profitable living. Or if you love what you do now, but struggle to make ends meet, by believing that you have a prosperity birthright, you will open up to prosperity from avenues you never thought possible. Believing is the key to receiving.

Flipping the switch also means having an open mind. Believe me; I know the philosophy I present in this article can be considered illogical or even crazy to the majority. But it works. When people are desperate they commit to doing whatever is necessary to change their current situation. If the doctor tells you that you have some rare disease and your life expectancy just got cut in half, you may try things you never imagined doing before, just to beat the odds. You may start exercising and give up beer (which was always your favorite "food group"). You may meditate even though you use to think meditation was silly. You may eat some strange herb that you have to travel to a rain forest to get your hands on. Or you may run naked through the street singing a tune from Mary Poppins if you have an ounce of hope it will beat the disease. The point is, when you have tried everything and nothing changes, try something else. You may just be surprised. Remember your birthright. Just as oxygen is a birthright, so is prosperity. Focusing on lack does to Prosperity what holding your breath does to Oxygen. You are entitled, worthy and free to be prosperous. It is there waiting for you. Stop holding your nose and allow it to come in.

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Lynette Landing is an enthusiastic speaker, author, personal development coach, business owner and professional member of the National Speakers Association. Lynette is an authority on personal empowerment; specifically building self esteem, overcoming strife, goal setting, coping with change and expanding one's comfort zone.

Once a penniless, single mom forced from her home with her 6 year old son, Lynette abandoned her lack of self-worth and became engrossed with studying the habits of leaders, self-made successes and entrepreneurs. She developed her own life-changing tricks to creating a successful life and manifesting her heart's desires. Today she helps others to set and surpass their own goals by bringing her motivational message to individuals and groups.

Lynette's company, Look for the Sun Empowerment Center offers a variety of empowering teleconferences and workshops as well as on-site coaching for adults and teens on an individual and group basis. Her classes offer simple, yet memorable strategies for mastering new personal and professional heights and living life to its fullest.

Lynette has also developed a unique self-coaching product called "The Confidence Builder" which is marketed through her company.

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