Prospects Love Your Personal Attention
By Susan Fox, CH, AA

Have you ever heard the saying, “We’re on the same page?” Of course you have. When you “connect” on the same wavelength, your prospects, customers and you ignite a special bond. You create this special bond by giving their unique problem personal attention. The easiest way to do this is through video.

Storytelling Best Way To Connect
Your prospects and customers are sad, struggling, in pain, alone. That is their story. How can you make that pain go away? Tell them a story about how you know exactly what to do to solve their most pressing problem. And use video because everyone loves videos.

When you tell a story about what you LOVE to do to solve your prospect’s and customer’s specific problem of very important concern to them they want to hear you say what THEY want to hear. If you try to sell them or convince them what they are feeling will pass if they will only give up on it, you are not connecting with them.

Know how an obstinate person simply WILL NOT listen? When you use your natural problem-solving talent, passion and genius, you give personal attention and say what your target audience WANTS to hear. It is also an indirect way to give superior customer service.

Share Your Entertaining Message In A Story
As you tell your story WITHOUT SELLING, you let customers and prospects know you care about them and understand why they refuse to give up on their dream of having things their way. So, find a way to give them what they want and convey that you are here for them in a video story.

At the end of the video, you can ask them to contact you if they have questions. And storytelling through videos and putting those videos on your blog or website helps them know how to contact you 24/7.

Your videos are a tool that shares secret tidbits confirming you are the expert called for your prospect’s unique situation. For example, as a mind body spirit coach, here’s an explainer video. I had it made to reveal how energy workers know how to help people eliminate pain. Check it out here:

When a prospect or client can relate to an activity in which you and he or she LOVES to be involved, THAT’S how you start to connect with that target market. That activity is related to the story you’re telling.

As you say specific things to which your target audience can relate using video, you start developing a genuine relationship with your ideal prospects. And, it is by building genuinely honest relationships with your prospects that keeps them coming back for more.

As a coach, I help people get mentally unstuck so they can move forward in life. I show them how to use their gut feeling when something is right for them. Using video, I open up a personal dialog with folks. Are you having fun using video? If not, it’s time to start! It is a BLAST when people contact you because you’ve created a new friendship. And you’ve found somebody you can help! I LOVE that!

Stuck In The Details
Here is a video I created and published that is related to someone who seems to be stuck in the details and can’t move forward. I have custom made puppets when I do these personal videos. That way, it’s something unique but with no copyright issue. When your target audience can relate to the dilemma described in the video, and you add in a call to action, you are engaging with your ideal prospect:

Invite viewers to share their opinion with you about the topic. This engages and invites them to bring you more questions so you can answer using a video! When you answer questions THEY want the answers to, you are developing a great relationship.

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or holistic health practitioner and want to get connected to a small business that creates videos, check here Check out what they have to offer and start telling your story today! Build a fan base and start loving even MORE what you do by sharing with others who are already looking for your help.

I encourage you to get a video camera and start making videos. You’ll be glad you did!

Author's Bio: 

An internationally known, accomplished and highly respected brain dialog researcher, certified consulting hypnotist, death and birth educator, writer, Mind Brain Body Spirit coach, and public speaker. Susan specializes in helping students and clients create and sustain happy relationships for well-being. In group trainings, Susan teaches people how to think optimistically and attract it into their situations and relationships using their best gut instinct.