It never seems to end. One celeb after another endorseing the next best "secret" revealing the way to great health or a hot body or weight loss. And if it is not an endorsement, it's a book or video proclaiming a near magic transition from a "secret" to transform the way you are now to a whole new you. And every time their product or book becomes an overnight sales bonanza....because they are a celebrity and they must know what works!

Well, unfortunately, the absolute, harsh truth is, you are being duped! There are no secrets and no magic ways to any type of change you wish to undertake, body, mind or spirit. Health care professionals and credible, forthright fitness professionals know and have been espousing for decades now, that to make healthy changes in you or any aspect of you - body or mind or spirit - takes, first, an intention to change, then the action involving those changes. And do not be mislead. The intentions and actions must become a way of life if you are expecting the final results to be maintained for the rest of your life!

It may be a bit of a let down to read this, but it is the reality. There are no secrets and no magic drugs, rubs, lotions, potions, pills or program that you can take or follow for a short time and then, PRESTO!, a new you emerges forever.
Generally, what does produce life long change in the process - and yes, it is a process - of making a healthy lifestyle for yourself, and, as a result , a healthy you, is a two-fold approach to every lifestyle change you undertake: K.I.S.S. and D.I.G.S. That's, "Keep It Simple Stupid" and "Do It Gradually Stupid". And with the way folks are devouring these "secret" and magic books and products, the last word in these phrases is, unfortunately, taking on real meaning!

There are so many resources by credible authorities in their field that have published books, have websites and that are available for coaching/consulting/counseling that you can tap into. But just how do you discern which ones are going to assist you in tranforming into that healthy person living a healthy lifestyle on all planes? Put the secrets and magic away, once and for all. That is, the minute you see or hear the words "secrets", "magic", "quick", "fast", "easy", "instant", or any other similar word or term describing the product or method, forget about it! Put it down and turn away!

Whether desiring healthy changes for body, mind or spirit, any combination thereof, or for all three, the bottom line is that you are going to have to do some work and put effort into your changes and allow them time to take effect. Remember, make the intention, take the actions, hold fast to the intention, continue with the actions, and, above all, be patient. As you go about your activities of daily living, you will soon realize, "see", that a transformation is unfolding in you and about you as concerns your intentions.

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Former Chiropractor turned Personal Fitness Trainer, now Author, Writer, Speaker and Consultant, David’s “work” is his life passion.

Having overcome childhood obesity, David has experienced the journey to “permanent weight loss”. Now, at the age of 49, he has been "walking the talk", maintaining great physical condition, great health and a wellness lifestyle for more than 25 years by using the methods outlined in his book.

As a Personal Trainer, David has worked for a session of the Massachusetts Police Cadet Training Program, fitness centers on the East and West Coasts as well as training and counseling many private clients. He has also been a speaking guest to various organizations. In addition to writing this book, he has written many articles that have appeared on several web sites and in UrbanMetro magazine, NY.
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David received a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts, a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University, College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia and his Certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Los Angeles, California. He also holds a Reiki I Practitioner Certification. David grew up on the South Coast of Massachusetts, where he presently lives.