The experts and real estate agents are well aware of current deteriorating condition of Pakistan real estate. Due to the economical and political turmoil in the country, the recent slump is deepened further. The investors have been trying hard to bring Pakistan Properties on its old position for quite some time now. In different cities, different projects are underway to boost the ailing real estate market. Provincial governments have also taken bold steps on their own to help the country. For instance, LDA has implemented new computerized system in Lahore to ensure transparency in Lahore real estate.
Similar project have been initiated by independent bodies, such as DHA. In Islamabad, DHA has taken quite a few bold steps, which are expected to give a noticeable boost to Islamabad properties. Currently, many projects in DHA Islamabad are underway. Among these projects Gold Crest Towers and World Trade Center with a five-star hotel are quite prominent and appear much lucrative. Let’s have a look at how Gold Crest Towers can boost the real estate Pakistan in general and real estate Islamabad in particular.
Gold Crest Towers
Gold Crest Towers is a project of a UAE based company named Al-Ghurair Giga Pakistan (pvt) Ltd. This project is located in Phase II of DHA Islamabad over an area of 40 acres. The height of towers would be 300 feet. The Gold Crest Towers project is currently in its initial phase but the construction work has begun. The site for both of these towers is also functional. The biggest plus point of this project is that it gives the buyer an option to choose between the modern, hi-tech skyscraping towers and traditional terrace style apartments. Gold Crest Towers have specially targeted the upper lower and modern class people who afford to live in more sophisticated and luxurious setup. Its apartments will have hi-tech kitchens, lavish bathrooms, ultra luxurious bedrooms and spacious dining rooms.
Due to the earthquake of Oct 2005 and Margla Tower incident, the developers have enhanced the architectural specifications many times, which will make Gold Crest Towers more secure as compared to the other towers. A dedicated parking lot for every apartment, closed circuit cameras all over the place and intercoms to access main gate and security guards are some of the salient features of Gold Crest Towers. Other amenities include swift elevators and power generators. For uninterrupted power supply, the entire complex is backed up with power generators, which completely ensure no risk of power failure.
Gold Crest Tower is among few other towers, which offer this many amenities. The Towers are meant to become the best complex in Pakistan real estate market by dividing its facilities in to two types i.e. Deluxe Living Goldcrest and Executive Lounge Goldcrest.
Deluxe Living Goldcrest
Deluxe living Goldcrest is a unique idea in itself as it offers state of the art living with urban lifestyle supported by cozy apartments and penthouses. These apartments are built around a central courtyard with easy access to apartments. Besides, every apartment is open from all sides, which ensures good sunlight and proper ventilation.
Executive Lounge Goldcrest
Executive lounge at Goldcrest offers a complete corporate environment. It is designed to help professionals remain in touch with the whole world with the help of state of the art technologies. All rooms have access to satellite channels, high-speed internet connections and pre-fitted laptop, printer and fax terminals. Residents have the option of choosing between smart home and the apartments, which depict digital technology

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