K.R. Mangalam University on its motto of ensuring project based learning has initiated theme based cross-disciplinary projects related to Covid-19 for all the students. The project ‘Unlocking the Lockdown: Interdisciplinary Focus on Covid-19’s Impact and Global Responses’is an inter disciplinary and mainly concerns on the business, media, pharmaceutical, legal, political, economic, regional, global, family and individual impact of the corona outbreak.

The School of Engineering & Technology is working on the broad theme of“Portrayal of Covid-19 as an epidemic/disaster”. The various departments such as Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical and Civil Engineering are working jointly to find solutions to the problems created due tothis pandemic. Use of Drones, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence can go a long way in addressing the challenges of a pandemic COVID-19.

These live projects will provide hands-on experience to the students and faculty members a learning platform and will motivate then to work for the benefit of society and nation at large. The lockdown period has been utilized effectively to ensure academic growth of the students. The idea is to provide support system to the front line workers; supporting doctors and nurses, as well as ensuring that homes and hospitals have power and water, waste is properly disposed, and food is available and affordable. Keeping this in mind the students of SOET are working on following projects under Portrayal of Covid-19 as an epidemic/disaster:

i. Disaster Management plan for Homeless: This proposal aims at providing solutions for the shelter to homeless people and to the labor class who are stuck due to lock down. The Disaster management or emergency management is a discipline managing and minimizing the impact of risks by providing immediate support to the affected society. During any disaster, it is the fundamental duty of the administration to provide immediate relief in the form of emergency shelters, emergency water supply and sanitation provisions along with medical facilities.

ii. Mass Gathering Alert

The main goal of this project is to develop a pre-warning system to avoid mass gathering in places where the large gathering of people take place during pandemic situation. The system will warn individuals as well as the concerned authorities about the gathering of a large number ofpersons in a specific region.

iii. Drone Sanitization

The main goal is to develop a drone system to avoid human exposure to affected area which can lead to some serious health issues. The affected area will be identified and then a drone will be sent to that area for artificial rain of sanitizer without involving physical presence of human being in the affected area.

iv. Relating COVID 19 with Temperature analysis using Machine Learning

In this analysis, we will be applying machine learning algorithms to find out the co-relation between deaths due to COVID-19 and temperature of a respective region. How COVID-19 is related to Temperature Country wise? Initially, we will be analyzing the data available and then machine learning will be used to get the prediction pattern of those countries and applying them to the Countries that are not yet affected or less affected.

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v. COVID 19 Android App

In this project, students and faculty are developing an app in which all the information and govt. circular and updates could be posted so that no fake news gets viral.

vi. Detection of COVID-19 by mask R-CNN

The framework is evaluated using images obtained from the x- rays of diseased person compared with non-infected person using R-CNN model along with AI, Machine learning.