Have you got a to-do list? Or maybe five of them? (one for work, one for home, one for projects, that pile of mail, all those emails...)

As leaders we can get very bogged down in crap that sucks our energy and time, before we ever do anything meaningful. So here is my quick list for you to create (and follow) priority lists.

Priority List #1. Things that make you feel very, very good.

You knew this was coming, right? Or do I have to berate you with all these reasons why YOU are priority numero uno?

Reasons like, you can't drink from an empty well, you can't inspire if you're drowning, nothing matters if you're not there to enjoy it, people actually want you around in decent shape. You get the idea. No martyrs, please. They only end up dead.

Things that make you feel very very good can include things like exercise, massage, yoga, meditation, listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, smoochin' with your honey, hanging out with the chickens, gardening - whatever blows your dress up! As long as YOU love it and it's something you want to do (not something you feel you should).

Priority List #2. Eliminate irritants and tolerations.

These are things that drain your energy - big and small. It could be the dust an inch thick on your bathroom fixtures, or perhaps it is the extra bit of bubble wrap padding your butt, or maybe it's the dead-end job that is sucking the very life essence out of you each day.

Handle something - anything - each day so you can free up some positive energy. If you deal with the smaller things first, you'll clear the path to handle the 'big' stuff - much more easily and with less effort.

Priority List #3. Everything else, according to these two criteria: is this serving my intentions and purpose and, do I enjoy it?

Rank your tasks according to the difference it will make in serving your purpose and how much you love it.

That's it! I'm in to simple systems, otherwise I just give up and move on to something else more interesting than micro-managing my life.

Coach's Challenge
How about you? What are your priorities? Have you got any advice to share on what makes the difference in dealing with energy vampires and time suckers? Tell us about it!

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