Chinese President
Xi Jinping on Tuesday issued a new mobilisation order for the training of fortified forces with a focus on developing an elite force able of fighting and winning wars.

Xi, 68, heading the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) since 2012 followed by the Presidency and Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC)-the overall high command of the country's two million-strong military-has prioritised real- time training with constant up-gradation of technology besides in- depth of reforms since he took over power.
Unlike his forerunners, Xi is extensively anticipated to continue in power at the end of the 2nd five- time term this time and start a record third term after the formerly in a five- time CPC Congress listed to be held in the middle of thisyear.Since 2018, he has been issuing mobilisation orders every time, setting functional precedences for the service which now enjoys over USD 200 billion periodic defence budget.
In this time's order, Xi said the fortified forces must nearly follow the elaboration of technology, warfare and rivals, redouble their sweats to more combine training with combat operations, and strengthen methodical training and the use of technologies to develop an elite force that's able of fighting and winning wars, state- run Xinhua news
agency reported.

All officers and dogfaces should uphold the spirit of stewing neither death nor difficulty, and conduct training in a vigorous, well- designed and safe manner to boost their fostering and fighting capability and foster excellent conduct, the order said.

The entire rank and train of the fortified forces must intensively apply the plans and instructions of the Party leadership and the CMC, it said, adding that the changing geography of public security and combat circumstances must be directly understood.

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