The industrial revolution has also impacted the education system but not drastically as the main principle of education remains the same; passing out children through the conveyor belt of the standardized classrooms to mass production of people that are ready to take jobs.

As the society has been changing from the diverges of the industrial model into more complex thinking, many of the high schools are not keeping the pace with the change and are failed in preparing students for their future life.

So, what are the students preparing for?

The students of Generation Z are currently in the throes of applying and selecting the best universities that are specified according to their needs. Many of the industry trends have indicated the deep digital roots and a sense of learning in many Gen Z students and their plans for continuing their studies only to get a degree.

Who are these guys?

Nobody till date has been on the same page to define in terms of the general lines, but have accepted the framework of the Gen Z which has transformed from Gen X since 2015 as Gen Y was nowhere to be found in the roots as years are just slipping by the blink of an eye. The new wave of this generation is all set to hit the workplaces as early as tomorrow and will be very hard for the statistics of the employment to get their feet in the door.

• Talking from Technology
• Customization
• Artificial Intelligence
• Recommendations
• Portability
• Universality
• Personalized Trajectory
• Student Learning
Learning everywhere
• Immersive Self-learners

The new generation is already surrounded by the Digital Age which is entirely speculated on the career choices that they have as this Gen Z is always looking for their expertise in their job show.

The easy access to all the information that these Gen Z want via the internet is influencing their lives and their opinions about their future career. The All out American Dream has shown little adaptation from the Gen Z'ers as they already have some dreams and are optimistic about their careers. These Gen Z has a front row seating in the upcoming economic turmoil and is decreasing their attitude towards employment.

What sort of employees these Gen Z will be

It is very hard to show and share that the Gen Z has a strong ethic towards their workforce as their technology skills are strong than the previous Gen Y, their value for the choices of practical life is increased and their preferences about job choices are predictable. But, they lack to face the real world as they are socially well connected and well-groomed, but have a weaker conflict skill that is needed to be targeted for improvement.

The strengths and weaknesses of every child are born out and the technical skills, as well as the social landscape, are exposed during their college years. And, all in all, the preceding generations will excel and much more guidance is needed to make them fit in every category. The understanding needs to be developed for the newest class to make them attracted towards the commitment.

Final thoughts
Education has been in the basics since we were born and as humans, we have the nature to adapt and learn. Technology role in education is to facilitate the natural learning process and making more opportunities in any setting.

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