Premises liability happens when a property owner or manager is negligent and causes injury or loss. The property's owners are responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe environment to prevent injuries to visitors. A large area of injury law known as premises liability involves a variety of circumstances and claims.

All commercial and residential properties in Boulder are subject to these kinds of claims. Here, we'll discuss injuries that occur when a person is on another person's property and liability.

Factors that establish liability

  • Visitor's legal status 

  • Quality of the property and the visitor's and owner's conduct

  • Whether the victim is a minor or a trespasser

  • When both the landowner and the guest are responsible for the injury

The court will consider the visitor's status in certain jurisdictions while deciding responsibility.

Visitor's status 

There are four separate labels in states that concentrate solely on the status of the visitor to the property, as listed below:

  • A customer at a business is an example of an invitee—someone who has been welcomed onto the property of another.

  • A licensee is someone who accesses a property with the owner's permission for personal use or as a guest.

  • A welcoming guest to the home is a social guest. 

Finally, someone that has no permission of any kind enters. There is no implied warranty that proper precautions have been taken to ensure the security of the property in the scenario of licensees or trespassers.

Quality of the owner's and visitor's behavior

Common care standards are applied to both invitees and licensees in those jurisdictions where attention is given to the quality of the place and the actions of the owner and visitor.

Numerous factors that determine the situation are : 

  • Grounds of access to the property by the guest

  • The use of the property

  • If the accident or injury was anticipated 

  • The owner or possessor attempts to advise visitors of a hazardous situation or make reasonable repairs.

Thugs on the premise

If the owner is aware that trespassers are likely to access the premises, they may have an obligation to offer adequate notice to avert harm. Only artificial conditions the owners have established or maintained and are aware are likely to result in significant harm or death are covered by this criterion.

Kids on the premise 

Children not permitted to be present on the premises have a distinct obligation to be warned by the proprietor. Suppose a property owner or possessor knows that children are probably on the property and that a dangerous condition on the property is likely to result in significant physical harm or death. In that case, they are required to post a warning.
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What claims may I take if I suffer injuries due to premises liability?

Below are the four different sorts of claims you might bring when you are the premises liability victim. 

Lack of maintenance

Various construction elements might become hazardous if not properly maintained. This covers elevators, lighting fixtures, and appliances. The owner or building management may be held accountable if an appliance or elevator malfunctions and harms a resident or guest.

Unchained dogs

House owners must keep their dogs under control, especially if they have a history of aggression. The owner is liable for any harm the dog does if it hurts someone due to poor training, a missing fence, or a failure to leash the dog.

Poor security

Providing a secure environment for renters, customers, and workers is part of a property manager's or company owner's responsibility. When a robbery results in injuries, the company is examined for having substandard surveillance cameras, locks, or alarm systems.

Slip and fall

The most frequent claim for premises liability involves slipping and falling. These can happen when a landowner or management neglects to keep sidewalks, parking lots, or stairs in good condition. The owner may be held accountable if a person slips and falls due to ice, snow, or damp flooring that is not indicated with warning signs or on errant wires.

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