Feeling spiritually disconnected? Whether you attend church regularly, have a personal practice from home, or don’t currently have a spiritual practice, you can bring a sense of spirit into your daily life through Practical Spirituality.

What is “Practical Spirituality”? Practical Spirituality is a way to stay consciously connected to your spirit through daily practices. It is a way to strengthen your mind-body-spirit connections. Even if you are pressed for time, these two to five minute activities can be implemented into the busiest of lives.
Look at the suggestions below and pick one to practice this week. Then, notice if you feel any different.

Breathing Exercises
Easily the most basic and universally practiced, conscious breathing helps us to slow down, relieve stress and bring more oxygen to our body and brain helping us to feel and think better.

Take three to five deep breaths using your diaphragm rather than expanding your lungs. Breathe in through your nose as you slowly count to eight; breathe out through your mouth to the count of seven. Your belly should expand and contract rather than your chest. As you breathe, focus on your breath and turn your attention away from all other thoughts that come up. Say to yourself as you breathe in, “I am breathing in” and as you exhale, “I am breathing out”.

Walking Meditation
Take a quick break during your day for a walking meditation. A walking meditation is simply focusing all of your attention on walking, and slowing the actual movement down as much as possible.

Walk in slow motion for 3-5 minutes. Focus on your body and its movement. As thoughts arise (and they always do!) that are unrelated to walking, turn your attention back only to the movement of your body. Notice how your legs move and feel; what do your arms feel like when you are walking? Feel the air on your skin. Notice everything about the simple act of walking and think of nothing else.

By taking time each day to focus on otherwise mundane activities, you can create renewed energy and a more centered feeling through connecting mind to body.

Author's Bio: 

Dianna Good, Life Coach, Reiki Master and life-long student of Universal Spiritual Principles, brings mind and spirit together into easy-to-understand concepts and practical advice. Please send your questions and comments to goodlifecoach@comcast.net