It's only since the making of 'The Secret' that people from around the world first got exposed to information on the power of thought and some of the natural laws of our universe.

For the vast majority of people ( and I used to include myself in this), thoughts are just these harmless things that go around our head that only we are aware of, and which have no real bearing on our's or anyone else's mind.

On the face of it you could say this theory seems relatively plausible.

However, when you dig a little deeper, you'll find that this notion is completely off the mark.

There's a real misconception behind the true power of thought.

Lots of my family and friends still don't understand the power they have at their disposal when it comes to their mind and the thoughts it creates.


God and the universe have given us all the ability to create and manifest whatever we wish.

'How', you may ask, well simply through our innate ability to think.

Thought is the first step to manifesting all and every creation.

Every single thought is an amazing energy which is sent out to the universe. These energetic thoughts then play out as magnets which effortlessly go about attracting other thoughts, people, conditions and circumstances that correspond with them.

Thoughts function and conform to specific universal laws that are continually at work. These laws govern our whole lives and are vital in ensuring order and harmony in the world.

The Law Of Attraction is a key component when it comes to the power of thought.

The Law of Attraction is the power of the universe to magnetically attract similar energies together.

Put it in a simpler way, 'like attracts like'.

The Law of Attraction was for many considered as a load of metaphysical nonsense, however the principles of this law are based on scientific fact. Physics has clearly demonstrated that the principles that govern the Law of Attraction are every bit as authentic as those that govern the Law of Gravity.

So if this is the really case, then the energy we create through our thoughts can have a dramatic effect on our life.


When we focus on something long enough, whether negative or positive it creates an emotional energy which duly expands and attracts a similar energy through the Law of Attraction.

It should come as no real surprise therefore, that dwelling on your problems, fears and worries will simply attract more problems, fears and worries into your life.

Conversely, dwelling on happiness, success and achievement will mean that you will attract similar emotions and experiences.

Thinking more about what you do want rather on what you don't want is very important when it comes to positively utilizing the Law of Attraction to create a better life for yourself.

But I know only too well, this can sometimes be challenging.

A great tool that I used to help me focus on more of the things I wanted in life was through affirmations.

Affirmations are simply positive statements, that when repeated regularly become part of your belief system. Once this happens, your subconscious mind, (which is the part where 98% of our brain's activity occurs), goes to work to start attracting the people and opportunities into your life.

Notice I don't mention that our subconscious directly attracts success itself. It instead attracts the situations and circumstances that will lead you toward success.


Another important thing worth mentioning is that every result or effect we have in life has a direct cause.

Our whole universe is under the rule of cause and effect.

Unfortunately we often fail to see and understand how this applies to the thoughts we create in our mind.

In fact, the majority of us are so far removed from the results and consequences of our thoughts (the cause) that we fail to make any real kind of connection.

To conclude, it's important to be aware that none of us can escape from the Law of Attraction. Just like the Law Of Gravity it is continually at work 24/7, 365 days a year. It never takes holidays or any days off.

It also doesn't analyze or judge... regardless of color, religion or background it treats everyone equally.

Your thoughts, feelings and emotions whether consciously or unconsciously will ultimately determine whether the law of attraction works for you or against you.

We all have at our disposal a power to create an incredible and exciting life.

By simply utilizing the power of thought, you will start to experience magical things happening.

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The human mind has incredible powers and capabilities. The thoughts that it creates ultimately determines the destiny of your life. Learn the steps to becoming a powerful creatoe through harnessing the power of thought and the universal Law of Attraction. thoughts become things.