Your world is always a crystallization of your thought. The picture comes into existence, first in your mental faculty, before it becomes a solid full blown image in the physical world. The mind is indeed a powerful machine that readily accepts impressions and information we send to it. You are the creator of your own experience, negative or positive. You are also the writer of your own stories, good or bad. To be a giant or an ant is nobody’s choice but yours. When you make a habit of seeing the trophy before the beginning of the race; you have conquered one of the greatest obstacles to success. The following guidelines will change your life forever.

1.You are a creator living in a creative world.
2.You mind is very sensitive to impressions, watch out!
3.Keep your subconscious mind super clean
4.Think about everything beautiful and good
5.When you think evil, evil appears, when you think good, good appears
6.Seek happiness, health, and abundance at all times
7.The intensity of your feelings or thoughts, either bad or good will create like physical manifestations
8.Your physical manifestations are reflections of your inner belief
9.Purge out all distortions and false images from your mind and start building new ones, that are pure, beautiful and uplifting
10.Focus on the true image (Perfection) at all times
11.Your true image has no limitations
12.Race, color or pedigree cannot limit you; it’s all in your mind!
13.There is no problem, the way you see the problem, is the problem
14.Perceive success and you will succeed, perceive failure and you will fail
15.Train your mental eyes, to see like eagles, (sharp focused and intuitive)
16.Know that you are a king that bows down for nobody and a lion that runs away from none
17.There is a gold mine in you, an oil well that is in-exhaustible
18.See with your mind’s eye the substance not the shadow; the mighty oak not the acorn
19.Always visualize your desires as a perfected work, use your mind power to establish them
20.Confess daily, that it’s a done deal

Author's Bio: 

Pastor Tele Opakunle's calling as a Prophet and a Seer was established before her birth. She manifested intuitive abilities as a child. Though she emerged from an ancestry of staunch Christian believers, she has since moved beyond religion, to a higher consciousness of man’s purpose on earth. Pastor Tele is the founder of the Zion City Ministries Inc. Her focus is on empowerment. She teaches about the power within. Her message is that of “HOPE.” (Harmony, Order, Peace, and Eternal bliss) Tele Opakunle is a Prophetic Counselor, Life Coach, and a Spiritual Activist, who fights against the desecration of the earth and its fullness.