The power of belief is the major determinant to the events, circumstances and conditions we all experience in our lives.

Our beliefs are without doubt the most powerful and creative force we will ever possess.

'He can who thinks he can, and he can't who thinks he can't. This is an inexorable, indisputable law.' - Henry Ford

This quote rings so true with all human pursuits and endeavors.

I've seen so many people over the years whether in sport or businesses who've never reached their full potential due to the inherent doubts they constantly carried around with them. They never grasped the power of believing.

Heck, if I'm brutally honest, I was very much one of them at one time.

Our beliefs and attitudes have a dramatic impact on the results we experience in every facet of our life.

Whether it's our sporting, career, relationship or business endeavors, our beliefs will hold sway over anything else when it comes to our results and our success.


The problem that many of us face however is that no matter how hard we try to change our beliefs and think more positively, we just never seem to make any progress.

Why is that?

During childhood, all of us have been exposed to different forms of information and experiences through our parents, family and friends. All this has created deep-seated beliefs and attitudes which we carry through the remainder of our lives.

These beliefs can do one of two things. They can either impair our results or enhance our results.

Unfortunately, most people hold such self-limiting beliefs from their childhoods, that any endeavors they pursue are destined to fail even before they have chance to get started.


To have any chance of success, one must first uncover the limiting beliefs that are imprinted within your subconscious mind which are constantly sabotaging your results.

By simply erasing these beliefs and replacing them with ones that are more positive and inspiring your chances of success are significantly improved

Our subconscious mind is our life driver. The information it holds is key to where your life will eventually lead.

The subconscious mind does not have the ability to reject any information. This in fact is a great characteristic which we can really take advantage of.

By constantly and consistently feeding the subconscious with positive, uplifting thoughts, it will in time replace those limiting beliefs that have been holding back your success

The more intently one holds onto a strong and more positive belief and attitude toward everything they do, the greater one's chances of achievement and success is.

Combine the power of believing in yourself with perseverance, drive and commitment and you then have the ingredients to accomplish anything in life.

Yes of course there is a requirement of effort and action on your part, but without the power of belief your chances are literally dead before you even start.

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