Sometimes we make some of the simplest things to do in our lives the most difficult! For instance, let’s talk about the barrage of Internet Opportunities that exist today. Some of you look at these opportunities day in & day out and never make a move on any of them because you are paralyzed with fear! Fear that the claims are untrue, or fear of losing money, or probably the most crippling fear, which is the Fear of Failure.

The Fear of Failing deserves an Article all to itself with deeper psychological implications, other than the ones I will provide here; however, for the sake of time let’s just go forth with the understanding that you actually may be right! You may fail! Most people will fail at Almost All of the Opportunities presented to them via any medium based upon their Lack of Faith in Themselves!

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”
– Seneca

Making Online Opportunities Work is mere Mathematics; and, Simple Math at that! But it is in this simple math where the fear surfaces. And in this fact, I must agree with the fearful person. When I study these online opportunities, they give you the grand design of the program, and even the rewards, while they minimalize the work effort. The one thing they fail to mention is the one thing that happens to be the elephant in the room. That is… “So if I get my required referrals, what will make my referrals equally successful?”

This is the issue that most marketers fail to address. Although some of the more skilled marketers will provide you with certain, and to be fair, successful marketing tools to help you in your recruiting efforts. They will rarely tell you that you still will need to be extraordinary to see the type of success they sold you on. Why is that? The simple answer is that you can sell success products but you can’t sell winning attitudes! And believe it or not, no matter what we as Netpreneurs give you to succeed, none of it outweighs a Winning Attitude!

You can say what you want about Charlie Sheen and his recent rant, but one thing you won’t be saying is that he is not what he says he is… A winner! You may not appreciate his methods of throwing it in your face but he is the Highest Paid sitcom actor in TV! And for good reason… He knew what he was capable of even when only supplied with a script and a camera! Everyone reading a script won’t see his type of success! I guarantee it! Not because they are not capable… but because they don’t really believe they are!

But let’s not stray too far from the subject. As stated before, there is one thing that Netpreneurs are reluctant to say when introducing you to their programs. That one thing is the fact that all of these programs, with realistic compensation plans, are very easy to succeed at. Once you are in them, you realize that it’s not the program that needs to be sold. It is Confidence that you are selling! People need to know that they can walk through your programs and truly become successful without becoming a disciple of them.

It’s actually an easier sell than you think. What you should be selling is the ability to create Windfalls on Demand so that you may lead a pack of “Hungry Wolfs” to fertile feeding grounds! In this case, the feeding grounds that have opportunities with mathematically sound compensation plans, and not Top Heavy Products and/or Services that overshadow your true purpose of participating. Let’s face it… All we are really looking for is the money and legal ways to acquire it… Quickly!

The problem is that very few, if any, marketers actually know how to help the masses navigate through the tough waters of opportunity. Until now! I am the UnSeen Guru. No One Can Do What I do! I am doing more than just telling everyone about what they can do to create their own Windfall. I am providing the Ultimate 3 Phase Blueprint! But I am doing something especially, and specifically, for you my readers and/or followers.

I have designed the rollout of this plan into a Social Experiment so that I may gather data for my New Book “Masters of the Socialverse”, which is almost complete and just in time for the subsequent rollout of my Coming Internet Radio show “Almost $ecret Radio”. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves allow me to let you in on an Almost $ecret… No matter how well a program is put together or how “Jazzy” it looks in presentation, it is very difficult for you to get people to believe in One Product that will give them financial freedom! And that is the goal in becoming involved with these systems!

No one joins to become a Walking/Talking Commercial for these companies unless they just need something to be a part of! The fact is that even becoming a faithful company promoter won’t ensure your success unless you are truly extraordinary! You may wonder why... I mean, don’t the compensation plans enthuse people enough to become involved as it did you? The quick answer is NO; however, the Compensation Plan is one of the main reasons they even looked at your presentation in the first place. They want the results, but they know they won’t be able to get the windfall they need to become financially free! So people may join, but most rarely move anything!

And that fact, becomes a nightmare for you, because you may have invested upwards of $250 dollars, or maybe even less, to get started in a seemingly “Sure Thing”! Not anymore! I am willing to guide you through a few different programs, which will build your residual income while building your solid “Buyers List”, without you abandoning your Main Program to do so! Why? Because I am going to teach you the one thing the rest of the Gurus don’t… How to Gather People and Go Viral using what you already have! Without writing... Articles, Blogs, or any other scary task you may shun.

I write Articles and Blogs that you can direct people to. Why would you need to do this? Unless you absolutely wanted to! While the article reads as if it may be some preemptive to an offer… It isn’t! I am not selling anything! I will be giving you the Blueprints for Free! What do you need to do? Find & Friend me on all the following Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or YouTube and now MLMSocial, to get a glimpse of the Viral Letter that will change your attitude towards making these systems Bow Down to you! There is no reason why you should be chasing the programs trying to make the impossible happen!

If it helps you to know, I spent two years researching and developing this rollout plan for navigating through these programs! But it is designed so that you won’t have to hear me give you a bunch of Hyped Up Facts & Figures, which could have been fabricated, to sell you something. You don’t need to hear that because I am not selling you anything! You don’t need to believe in me… Believe in yourself! The Math works for the blueprints and you don’t need me to show you how to do simple Mathematics! Stop believing in these so-called Gurus and place the faith where it belongs… In yourself!

I entitled this Social Experiment “Gimme Da Loot” and have formatted it as an Online Interactive Cash Game just so that you can develop a winning mindset just like a Video Gamer does! Playing this game Won’t Make You Rich Immediately! However, if you Stop Looking into things you think will make you Rich, and Start Doing things that can increase your Cash Flow then you will win! $100k in a month is not impossible! But it is Highly Improbable when you depend on systems that don’t show you How to Create Windfalls! I will be even more frank… YOU COULD HAVE $100K WITHIN THE NEXT 15 DAYS! But do you believe you can?

Let’s Find Out! Follow me on my Social Networks or even call me at 313-473-0709 if you are really serious, and let me put you on the right path! No Charge! I was told once that if you want to achieve greatness then you need to help as many people as you can and expect nothing in return! This is why I don’t charge for this information! My only hope is that you find it useful because a lot of work went into making it worth your time and effort!

As Always I Wish You…

Success & Nothing Less

C.F. Hutton

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