Potty training can test your patience but a good potty will make the job easier.

There are many potties on the market. Picking the best potty for your child can be a job in itself. Read this post to know the advantages and disadvantages of different types of potties.

Potty Chair

A potty chair is a small seat that sits on the ground with a recessed area to catch poop and pee. The small size of a potty chair makes it less intimidating and it’s easy for a toddler to use on their own.

One your child has finished his business, you'll have to drain the contents of the potty chair and then wash it out.

Potty chair is portable. It can be moved from one room to another so that your toddler will have easy access to it whenever they feel the urge to go.

Advantages of potty chair:

  • Provides convenient seating for your child with their feet resting on the ground
  • Can be placed in any room in the house
  • Small size makes it less scary and more safe
  • Your kid can use it independently without your assistance
  • Disadvantages of potty chair

  • You have to clean it after each use
  • You will need to transition your toddler to use a regular toilet later
  • Might not be suitable for taller children
  • Potty Seat

    If your child is too tall for a potty chair, a potty seat will keep them comfortable and safe when using the adult toilet.

    A potty seat is an insert that sits on top of the regular toilet. It helps to reduce the size of the toilet seat so that your baby won't fall through the toilet hole.

    The biggest benefit of a potty seat is that it’s easy to clean - you just need to press on the flush button.

    While easy cleaning is a huge upside, you'll need to buy a kids’ step stool for your child so that they can access the potty seat easily.

    Advantages of potty seat:

  • Transition to regular toilet will be easier
  • Doesn’t cause clutter to bathroom
  • It’s very easy for you to clean
  • Disadvantages of potty seat:

  • Has to be taken off when adults need to use the toilet
  • Your kid might get scared of the height
  • Your toddler will need assistance to use it (they will not be able to use it on their own)
  • Keep these benefits and drawbacks in your mind to pick the right potty for your little one.

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