Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental and emotional condition that can develop following a traumatic event so overwhelming and frightening that the mind and body are in shock. Soldiers in military combat, natural disasters, kidnapping, rape, sexual abuse or living in an alcoholic home… to name just a few.

Following a traumatic event, it is very common to have nightmares, flashbacks, feel fearful or numb, and find it difficult to stop thinking about what happened. The symptoms don’t always develop in the hours or days following a traumatic event, for some people, the symptoms take weeks, months, even years to develop.

When it comes to mental emotional traumas you don’t deal with physical level but with highly energetic, vibrational factors: mind and emotions. No physical remedies can have a major impact on these fields, unless they are energetic, vibrational in nature as well. These are the homeopathic remedies. They are designed and made in a special way by diluting and potentizing hundreds or thousands of times until there is nothing left from the original, physical substance, only the vibrational imprint.

Homeopathy works on one-on-one manner, where the homeopath is a matchmaker between the patient symptoms and the remedy characteristics. This is a difficult and laborious task and only very skilled homeopaths can do it right. However, there is another approach where one remedy fits all (used in epidemics) which we use for our homeopathic treatment. The treatment is based on three homeopathic formula: SDI, EML, MEX

• SDI: is balancing the trio: mind – emotions – body, and deals with respiratory system. There is a direct link between our respiratory system and our emotional equilibrium. For example, a sudden emotional shock usually causes people to take in a deep breath
• EML: is balancing the emotional level.
• MEX: is balancing the mental level. While emotional level is difficult to treat, mental level is even more difficult, that's why this formula can be considered a breakthrough in the field.

SDI can be used as a first-aid in emotional emergencies as well. Think about this: when a child has a physical accident we jump with a lot of medication and creams to help, but when there is a fright, or an emotional trauma, we do nothing, just keep repeating “it’s going to be all right”. Emotional traumas are often minimized, yet it can leave deep and lasting scars.

The whole treatment is truly useful for those who do not have stress or emotional problems as it brings you to another level of wellbeing, balance and focus. Yoga practitioners, students during exams, airline pilots, people overloaded with responsibilities or restless teenagers can benefit tremendous. As one of our clients said: “It is for the first time in my life when I feel that the life is worth living”.

We are so confident about the new treatment that we are willing to challenge in a clinical trial every similar product/treatment on the market today. This is not marketing strategy, this is a breakthrough treatment in a field where there are not many real options to choose from.

J.D. male, 42, Vancouver
“Congratulations on discovering this new TML approach of treatment and these new remedies. I think what you have discovered finally achieves the intent of "Like cures like". I suppose Homeopathy has been doing what regular medicine has been doing - just buying time. Now cure is actually possible.

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Virgil Paun has been practicing homeopathy since 1995. He received his diplomas from The British Institute For Homeopathy and from Homeopathic Master Clinician school. He is a member of Canadian Society for Homeopaths and has a practice in Vancouver, BC. You can contact him at: 604.442.4305 or go to: