It would be more traumatic for parents rather than for new born babies to handle the trauma of a birth injury especially if the baby is born otherwise healthy. We have all the technologies needed at our behest to ensure that an innocent baby is delivered into this world with care and without any untoward incident. It is just one small slip for the baby to be in the womb one minute and be out in the world the next and if we cannot help her or him with that, we should be ashamed of ourselves. Most birth injuries occur due to the bad judgment of the doctor attending and it is his or her call and the responsibility stops with that individual.

Birth Injury

Many thousands of babies are born all over the world every minute, some in very unhygienic conditions and they survive. If we cannot do it in the United States, where we have gone to the Moon and come back and we have the most sophisticated technology it is shame no doubt. It is not acceptable at all and every doctor and every support staff would need to be at their 200% best to ensure they deliver every baby safe and sound. Lawyers don’t like to appear in cases of Birth Injury just because it just should not happen in this modern world of ours. There should not be anything called Birth Injury which is a very contentious subject in any case to be battled out in a court of law.

That said there are still many such cases that come to courts not only in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the United States but all over the world. This shows that we are still a very irresponsible race living on this resplendent Earth that we call our home, but of which we are not worthy as we just unable look after our new birthing babies. The medical profession would shamelessly try to call such incidents as “accidents” but they are not, they are sheer medical negligence. Fortunately for the doctors it is still not classified under the law as criminal offenses which it should be and with the rising incidence of Birth Injuries the statutory books would need to be amended. Doctors may be doing a great service to their community but that does not mean that they could take refuge behind that notion when it comes to a small life which would be snuffed out even before it begins.

It is imperative that the best of Pittsburgh Birth Injury Attorneys make their presence known that the sword of Damocles is hanging over the heads of doctors. This may be necessary and the judiciary too would need to come down hard on those who shirk their responsibilities and cause Birth Injuries. This was aptly demonstrated in the case of a little girl who was represented by that erstwhile and experienced Attorney Jason Matzus and his team, at Matzus Law LLC. They won a little girl who was one of a twin who suffered Birth Injury in a reputed Pittsburgh hospital and was awarded an unprecedented US $ 40 million as compensation.

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