It takes community to maintain a human.
- Earon Davis

Most of us who are seeking greater happiness and joy in our lives have heard about, and probably experienced, the power of positive thinking. While it is easy to notice the negativity generated by others; when it comes to our lives we are often experts in giving reasons - rationalizing - why our negative mindset is justified. For this reason a community of support - people who care for us and believe in our greatness is vital as we step into and deepen our commitment to transform our negative mindset - I’m not enough; I can’t do it; Nothing works for me - into a positive mindset - Life is on my side; I have the gifts, talent, skills, confidence and support to live my dreams; Challenges are stepping stones on the path to my hearts desire.

Humans are social animals. It is through our relationships that we find support, in both sharing the joys of life as well as journeying through heart wrenching experiences. And while you are probably familiar with the words, “Misery loves company,” it is in the midst of misery that courage is necessary to reach out for company, both seeking and allowing support not to tell and re-tell your story of misery but to create your future anew.

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
- Albert Schweitzer

The Power of a Community of Support

The power of group support has always been present - whether in the family group or tribe, the community church, women gathering at the well - but it wasn’t until 1935 when Alcoholics Anonymous began that the power of a group of strangers sharing a common problem initiated the surge of the myriad of support groups available today.

We turn to a community of support when we feel alone and isolated, when we feel powerless in the face of our challenges. It is through this community of support that we re-connect with the Greater Field of Life that connects all people. We no longer feel alone and isolated. We are surrounded and encouraged by people who have journeyed through the misery we are feeling. We can use their belief in us, their stories of success as beacons that guide us to our personal North Star and nourish our positive thinking mindset: Life is on my side; I have the gifts, talent, skills, confidence and support to live my dreams; Challenges are stepping stones on the path to my hearts desire.

The Benefits of a Community of Support

A community of support:
• Acknowledges what you are feeling and provides a safe haven for you to express yourself.
• Is accepting and non-judgmental of who you are and the situation you are in.
• Believes in you, your dreams and your ability to evolve beyond the misery you are experiencing.
• Offers a shoulder to cry when you breakdown and celebrates your breakthroughs.
• Offers feedback, suggestions and advice when you ask for them.
• Nourishes you emotionally and spiritually.
• Focuses on moving forward and freeing your heart and mind from the wounds of the past.
• Sees your greatness.

Connecting with a Community of Support

If you are feeling challenged by life, whether in a particular area: your health, weight, finances, relationships, addictions; or you generally feel victimized and unable to breakthrough to a new possibility, we encourage you to explore being a member of a support group. Here are some steps to take reflecting your commitment to evolve, your thinking and, in turn, your life, from the patterns of the past into a future that nourishes your body, mind and spirit:

• Answer this question: Is there a specific problem/issue/addiction I would like to focus on in a support group or would l prefer support that is geared toward transforming my negative mindset (your version of I’m not enough) to a positive mindset (Life is on my side)? Remember: No matter which you choose, in order to empower your life you must transform your thinking. While changed behavior can be sustained for a while, in order for lasting change in your life, you must upgrade the software of your mind.

• Get information about Support Groups (that meet in person, in your area, via a tele-conference or as part of an online community):
o Google Support Groups - in your area, related to a specific topic
o Ask your friends if they can suggest a support group
o Talk with mental health professionals, clergy about their suggestions for a support group
o Learn about our Self Esteem Experts Support Groups

• If you are interested in starting a Support Group follow these guidelines:
o Have a clear focus, meeting date and time
o Have each member articulate her/his intention - goal for themselves, for the support group in general as well for each meeting
o Keep the attention on yourself, your feelings and the support you desire
o Do not give advice unless it is requested
o Consider following a specific program - for instance our Mind Manual System
o Respect confidentiality
o Focus on one another’s greatness

Remember: Reaching out for support in time of need and when you are embarking on a change in your life is a reflection of your courage and strength not of failure.

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