Modern education is gradually doing away with a lot of traditional norms. For instance, the direct lecture method is losing its place on the throne. Written assignments are making way for projects. Teachers are taking a more personal approach to education and art is finally receiving its due respect. However, amidst all these transformations, one aspect of schooling is still constant. Parental engagement is still deemed necessary to the same level as it was in the past. But this factor has also seen a minor modification over the past decade where the preceding term is now “positive” rather than “active”. The best play school in Greater Noida now tries to apply positive parental involvement. And its implications are painting overwhelming success stories.

What is positive parental involvement?

Parental involvement in student education simply means availability of any one of or both the parents in the child’s academic journey. That can range from attending the school’s parent-teacher meetings, being present in the sports events, looking into homework progress and communicating with the school about grades. Positive parental involvement, however, requires a more constructive approach. It states that the effectiveness rises when both the parents remain involved in their child’s education and engage in other activities like reading rhymes with the student, helping in the set assignment, planning revision routines and taking advice from teachers to design a home learning schedule.

Positive parental involvement also includes the parents’ relationship between each other and its spillover to the child’s education. Previously, no other parental strategy included this aspect in their educational involvement. Research has shown recently that a positive parental relationship directly benefits the child and has a long-lasting benefit in the student’s education. Both parent engagement and inter-relationship come together to form a positive parental involvement.

How does it lead to success?

The top schools in Noida Extension who have applied positive parental involvement has reported the following benefits, irrespective of the student’s culture, background, family structure and previous knowledge.

  1. Improvement in classroom performance

The average classroom performance, assessed through standardised tests, have shown improved results. Students felt motivated to perform, came better prepared to classes and managed their exams better. Positive parental involvement makes the students feel that they are not alone in the journey and help is available from known figures who were also their first teachers.

  1. Reduction is absentee rate

The increased motivation brought more students to school almost daily. Plus, parents also felt included in the process and showed lesser apprehensions about the school and its techniques. Both these factors shot down the absentee rate and students started receiving regular education without disruptions. Just by encouraging positive involvement, schools can tackle the age-old problem of having high absent numbers.

  1. Increased retention of lessons

As students engaged with their lessons more and studied well at home, they remembered and recalled their lessons better. The science behind this benefit is logical. Once parents started to read rhymes with their children, the lesson became an experience. Young minds tend to remember experiences more than information and the result was clear. Positive parental involvement leads to better retention of all subjects equally.

  1. Efficient classroom dynamics

Teachers began to have help now. What they taught in class began to get reinforced at home. This helped the educators to pick up pace in the classrooms as time was no longer required to memorise alphabets and poems. When parents involve positively, they provide teachers with more scope to personalise and correlate lessons. Naturally, the entire classroom dynamics become efficient and opens up space for more learning.

  1. Better soft skills development

Positive parental involvement has also shown a stark improvement in student’s communication skills and critical thinking. The student was also comfortable while working in groups, portraying ideas and managing friendships. The positive home environment opens up the mind towards brighter things. Simply stating, when students are happy both at school and at home, they thrive socially and develop better soft skills.

The reasons for employing positive parental involvement by the best preschool in Greater Noida are certainly understandable. The alternatives simply cannot match up to the benefits of this new and improved technique that is constructive from all angles. BGS Vijnatham was one such institute that requested positive parental involvement from its parents and maintained all the required channels for the concept to take shape. The school maintains the right balance. It looks into both parents’ and teachers’ productivity. And in every step, BGS actively involves itself so that the students stand to benefit at the end. Positive parental involvement is about working together with the school. BGS looks to achieve just that through its parent’s portals.

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BGS Vijnatham was one such institute that requested positive parental involvement from its parents and maintained all the required channels for the concept to take shape.