Cory Machado, a man who is getting immense popularity today, is still looking to fulfill many dreams. Interestingly the dreams are not his own; instead, other's who are struggling to get adequate food to survive and stay alive to work hard for their better tomorrow.

He has many personal dreams as well, which he is achieving by fighting and becoming a well-known pro wrestler.

Cory wasn't fascinated by pro wrestling until he watches an American Pro wrestling championship on TV with his grandfather. More interestingly, his grandfather was unable to understand a single English word. From that time, Cory finds himself moving towards becoming a Portuguese pro wrestler.

How he Join Pro Wrestling?

With the passion in mind and zeal in his heart, he continues working hard to fulfill his dreams and finally took a huge leap and move ahead to fight as a professional wrestler. However, with his future, something else was also prewritten. Alongside fighting Portuguese pro wrestler, Cory Machado also thought of helping the world in some sense. Further, he also looks forward to gaining popularity and get the attention of the masses.

Cory started working for mankind and social awareness with an aspiring nurse, Ashley Carlson. Unfortunately, she lost her life in a tragic car accident (in 2014). Cory wasn't able to help him but took a step forward to help others. Hence, he attempted to make an influence that can degrade the road accidents in the future. Machado set about raising awareness online and campaigning for better road conditions.

With time, he sighted hunger as a critical and bigger problem on the planet. Thus, he started working to eradicate hunger in any possible way.

Battling world hunger

As of today, Cory has provided meals to over 20,000 people in need. He has been working with food banks and charities to dispel the devastating effects of hunger. He kept his experiences and the memories of his grandfather in mind; he has been working hard till today and has been collaborating, doing promotion to gain maximum charities for a great cause.

Social media has a huge potential to populate the message, and hence Cory has hardly any social post without the hashtag #EndHunger. Today, many of his followers have supported him in his work and other possible aspects. With time, Machado has created a movement to beat hunger and make a hunger-free planet. His efforts have influenced the whole of Portugal, Mexico & the U.S., and even reaching further afield.

"Ending hunger and honoring the memories of amazing individuals" is the ultimate goal of Cory Machado that keeps him passionate and optimizing his hard work and efforts.

Seeing his hard work and perseverance, it's easy to believe that he will definitely achieve it in the coming years. Machado has already won a round against world hunger and has taken the battle again to the next round.

We wish he conquer his goals and make a hunger-free globe.

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