New cure for 75% of all existing health complaints

It is a well-accepted fact in the medical world that 75% of all our health problems are psychosomatic. Dr. Deepak Chopra claims that it’s 98%! It never made sense to me that my own brain would make my body sick. So I started my research 30 years ago to find the cause of psychosomatic health problems.
Step by step and after experiencing many disillusions, I discovered that the answer was already there, hidden in a huge pile of neurological and scientific research reports. Scientists are usually not health practitioners who look for practical solutions to cure people. They are primarily focused on their own specialization. Therefore, they never combined their scientific discoveries with practical and holistic healing methods and tested them in practice.

To put it short and simple, psychosomatic health problems are caused by a short-circuiting in our brain cells during moments in our lives that we feel we lose all control. It's those moments which feel like the ground is disappearing from under our feet and we’re falling down with nothing to hold on to. These brief moments are stored in our brain, inseparably connected with the exhausting down beaten physiology of that moment. We call them Bad Clusters. Whenever these Bad Clusters become activated, our biochemical balance will be disturbed. If this happens over a longer period of time then permanent biochemical imbalances will cause all kinds of psychosomatic health problems. This is the part of the brain that adds necessary neurological codes to incoming data. These codes are essential to enable us to consciously retrieve this data later on.

However, this un-coded data will be stored in our brain cells! In the very same ones where we store all normally processed and encoded data. What kind of data are we talking about? Very basic elements like a smell, taste, word, sound, color etc. These pieces of data without a code are now stored as Bad Clusters. Why “Bad”? Because they are stored and connected to the feelings (biochemical status) of that moment. Because the data of Bad Clusters are located in the same cells as normal data, they are both activated at the same time and in the same way by incoming new data. Whenever a Bad Cluster gets activated, its connected biochemical status (feelings) also gets activated, sometimes in full, sometimes partly. In normal circumstances, the encoding process has given the data its identification to determine the meaning and importance of a memory.

Suppose you are at your home, office or any other location. If what you see, smell, hear, taste or feel there has coincidently enough similarity with the content of one of your Bad Clusters, the Bad Cluster will be activated. Not because you experience the same type of event as stored in the Bad Cluster, but solely because of the similarity on the basic level of certain smells, tastes, colors, movements, sounds etc. This, for instance, is why a woman who was once raped and now believes that she is in control of that memory, can experience inexplicably strong negative emotional reactions when she meets a nice man years later, just by the smell of his aftershave. Why? Because the rapist was using the same fragrance and she has no conscious recollection of that piece of data because she stored it in a Bad Cluster. By the way, a Bad Cluster has nothing to do with a so-called “suppressed memory”! Bad Clusters are the neurological reason that we willingly create suppressed memories.

As soon as the Bad Cluster gets activated its biochemical attachment will take off and be felt in our body. If this is just a one-time event it will only lead to a mood swing or get us irritated and will draw us out of our feeling of “flow”. If this unfortunate combination of basic data enters our brain on a consistent basis, then the biochemical imbalance will pile up and finally deteriorate our health.

How come we store these so-called Bad Clusters in a way that they can cause health problems later on? It happens because our neurological system is not capable of processing extreme fear and pain. Whenever we reach a level of fear that creates a strong feeling of insecurity, strong enough to take away our feelings of control, our brain cells go into overload. Under no circumstances do we want to lose control! So we will do whatever it takes to get back in control. How? Well, if we cannot control the world around us, we narrow down that world to a size where we can. How do we do that? By focusing and concentrating on a specific object, sound, movement etc. in our surroundings. Just think of how many people start to stare at an object when they are shocked about something. Why do we create this unrealistic smaller world?

What we experience at these scary moments is too much for our neurological system. What exactly is it that we cannot handle? The incoming sensory information disturbs our feelings too much. So, we start to block as much of that information as we can by focusing and concentrating on our own small world that we create inside our head. Of course, this does not imply that we are able to shut down the technical functions of our senses. Sensory data will still enter our brain. Therefore, we block the awareness of this data inside our head. This has far reaching consequences! Incoming sensory data will reach the brain cells where we usually store all of our data, but it will not reach the frontal lobe of our brain where the center of our consciousness is located. This is how all psychosomatic health problems and many mental complaints come to exist.

Jacob and his team developed a method, called Progressive Mental Alignment® (PMA) to bring this data without a code, these Bad Clusters, back into our conscious memory. This results in a process where this data without code enters the frontal lobe of our brain, the part that adds the essential codes to the data. The negative biochemical load of the Bad Cluster disappears. Complaints like depression, phobias, migraine, burnout, fibromyalgia and many others disappear permanently. This is done without the use of any medication, just by using a specific and precise type of questioning. During the whole process we stay in control. As soon as the frontal lobe adds the code to the Bad Cluster data, this data will automatically be connected to existing encoded data with a normal and healthy level of biochemical connections.

“Twenty-four hours a day aren't not enough for me and my team to help all those people who suffer needlessly. We need the help of many motivated psychologists, counselors and coaches to learn to apply this method in order to help the many people out there that need this. We also need scientists to help us finish this huge project to collect all the existing evidence to convince skeptical professionals in the health care section. There are so many people out there that need this and we have so few workers to help them! We are looking for professional people to teach this method, so that many more people can benefit from it.

Author's Bio: 

Jacob Korthuis is a Dutch researcher, scientist, Holistic Health specialist, celebrated author of five books and an internationally recognized figure for his research in human behavior and psychosomatic disease. Jacob is also credited with having discovered the “language rules of the subconscious.” Jacob’s most prestigious accomplishment is the development of Progressive Mental Alignment® (PMA); his coaching and self-help method that was originally introduced in 1995 and influenced by his drive to help others improve their health. Since 2002 he has been living in the United States and extensively lecturing internationally; educating psychologists, counselors, coaches, business trainers, and other medical professionals on how to utilize his method for their own practice or businesses.