Your perception creates your reality, but what creates your perception?
Every new experience is filtered through your core beliefs, your personal past, and unique emotions. Even your mood impacts how your reality looks at any given moment. No 2 people exist in the same perception of reality and it’s why, often, people can see the same situation so differently.

I am pretty sure you’ve run into this ‘difference of opinion’ on occasion. J Maybe you felt differently from someone else about the same topic or you remember an experience differently than your friend. It can be so frustrating trying to ‘convince’ someone to see it your way and really, it’s impossible because they are trying to convince you just as strongly!
Picturing perception

Maybe you recognize the following example:

A friend of yours always speaks highly of her nice neighbor. You’ve seen her in pictures but never met this neighbor in person.

Your brain produces an amazing phenomenon that happens when someone is describing another person. You begin to instantly envision images of how this person should react and behave. Our brain is capable of creating mental pictures on the spot, just by hearing a story. How cool is that?! Your brain can do this because of the huge amount of your own subconscious comparison material. Okay- I’m a little side-tracked now so let’s continue with the exampleJ.

So, based on your own comparison materiel about nice and helpful people, you created a picture in your mind that meets your criteria of how such a person should behave.

One day you’re at the grocery store. You look to the right and instantly remember that face from the pictures of the nice neighbor your friend described! You approach her, and based on the mental image you created of how she would behave, you start to talk to her as if you’ve known her for years. (From all the stories your friend shared and the mental images you created from those stories, it sure feels that way to youJ J) So, you’re babbling about all kinds of things and all of a sudden she reacts out of the blue saying, “Sorry I am not in the mood for your small talk, please leave me alone!”

It feels as if you are struck by lightning. Your whole perfect mental picture you created of her scatters in your head. That nice neighbor is not nice at all! So… based on how she responded to you, a totally new picture of her emerges in your mind, and guess what? In this new mental picture she doesn’t turn out so nice, grrr!

Your face starts to turn red, your heart is pounding and you feel like sinking into the ground. You mumble the words ‘sorry’ and walk away. You’re totally embarrassed and quite angry by the whole situation. Your embarrassment turns into question marks. How could your friend be so wrong?

So you call your friend and explain the whole annoying event to her. Your friend is quiet for a moment then says, “Oh my gosh”, I know why she reacted that way. This morning her cat died unexpectedly. She’s heartbroken.”

This information puts the behavior of your friend’s neighbor in a totally different perspective. Based on your own experiences of losing a beloved animal, you now suddenly re-assess her behavior and those negative feelings towards that neighbor melt away like snow in the sun.

By the way- your interpretation can go either way; meaning you may have perceived someone as a good person even though they were described to you as a bad person initially.

Black, white and perception

This simple example is rooted in a basic model of how our perceptions are created. The truth is, perspective can’t determine ‘right or wrong’. It simply represents the way you filter the world around you solely based on your existing subconscious comparison material of previously stored experiences.

Ever worn those big shades in a 3D movie theater? Everything comes to life on the screen and pops out at you in the theater! Without those glasses everything looks twisted and blurry. But when you put on the 3D glasses your perspective changes and becomes so much better and more pleasant! After your understanding of how your subconscious brain works, your assessment of events and other people will change drastically. You will see the world through different glasses and so much clearer and with so much more fun.

The really cool thing is that when you rise above your own perspective, you expand your view and experience the wonderful reality of the amazing world around you! AND you discover the truth of your greatness. Ask yourself– are you beautiful, confident, creative, or loving? You’ll answer these questions based on your perspective. But the REALITY is much clearer, much more fun and above all, gives you much more inner peace and balance.

Rising above your perspective will allow you to reclaim your TRUE self, connect and understand other people on new levels, and see the world in a brand new way.

Your perspective is powered by the past

If your life is not exactly where you want it to be, it’s time to get insight about how your subconscious controls your perspective and how you can change that to your advantage!

This amazing exploration all begins by understanding how your unique perspective was formed in the first place. It all starts in the womb, where every single detail absorbed by your senses begins to build the album from which all new experiences are compared and processed in your subconscious. Every single fragment of your experiences are coded with emotion and helps form your opinions and feelings about the things you see in the world.

Emotions are always the determining factor for how you respond to your environment, even when you are not always consciously aware of them.

Unfortunately, it’s those emotions with the most powerfully negative feelings that serve as the strongest drivers of our perception. Our powerful impulse pushing us away from pain creates beliefs, behaviors and perceptions that sabotage our greater well-being.

The newest scientific insights reveal that specific neurophysiological processes cause a sort of short circuiting and create so-called bad clusters in our subconscious. These bad clusters produce the most powerful perception-controlling beliefs. The scary thing about these bad clusters is that you cannot spontaneously remember their content, but you do feel the very powerful feelings they produce. These feelings create your most powerful beliefs and perceptions. Just imagine, there is a power in each of us that controls our thinking, perception, beliefs and even our health. Isn’t it great that there is now a technique that allows you to isolate and re-process the root-source of your most powerfully negative emotions? It’s the key to in-depth healing and growth!

Allow yourself to perceive the truth

The truth is your brain impacts every single aspect of your life. The truth is that you’re genetically wired to move away from pain as far as possible – even if going towards that pain can help you grow!

The most amazing truth is that you’re stronger than your most powerful negative impulses. You have the power and freedom of choice!

Choose to push through the control center of your perception, face the hidden source your fears and watch the truth transform your perception of the world!

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Progressive Mental Alignment is a self-help institute focused on the language rules of the brain to map its impact on every single aspect of life.