Planting a garden can be very rewarding in many ways. When deciding your options for planting a garden, you have to look for healthy alternatives. The health benefits you receive can help you in more ways than one.

There are many rewarding benefits to growing your own garden. You get to pick exactly what kind of foods you want to plant. You get to choose if you want an organic garden or a non-organic garden. When it comes to working the ground you will find that that is great exercise. That is just a few topics that we will dip into in more detail, not to mention the environmental issues. Environmentalists have been admonishing us for years to conserve fuel to lessen our impact on the planet. Some of us have changed and started walking, biking, carpooling, or trading in our SUVs for hybrids. With gas prices hitting an all-time high last year people actually changed their behaviors to conserve gas. Imagine if everyone did not have to go to the grocery store. Keeping the cars off the road not only saves gas and money but all so the environment as well. Planting a vegetable garden is a healthy way to relieve stress, eat healthier and safer because you control what goes on your vegetables, providing better nutrition to your family with fresh vegetables, and get some exercise while enjoying the warm outside air.
Eating fresh vegetables is one of the most important things you and your family can do to stay healthy. Fresh vegetables have a vitamin content that will be at their highest levels as you bite into them straight from the garden. Children who eat from the garden are more than twice as likely to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. They tend to like them more than kids who rarely or never eat homegrown produce. You get to control what you feed your family, fresher fruits and vegetables. You decide what fertilizers and pesticides are okay to use on your vegetable garden or whether you are going to be more enviromental friendly and use natural products that will keep your family even healthier. Planting a garden will promote good health and give you some nice gentle exercise. By planting and tending to your garden you control what you eat as well as how it is grown plus it just doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Planting a garden outside will give you more exercise than you might realize and the good news is that it is a nice gentle exercise so just about anyone can do it. All that planting, raking, pulling weeds, and watering so that your plants grow and produce delicious vegetables from your garden. It provides you with an excellent low impact workout. If you have kids, they can join in, too. Gardening is also a way to relax, de-stress, center your mind, and get fresh air and sunshine. Starting a garden can produce a little more exercise. You will need to prepare the soil for planting. While removing weeds and debris from your garden, you may need to have top soil or fertilizer brought in depending on the condition of the soil. Working the soil can give you quite a work out but you want it to be in the best possible condition so that your garden is as healthy as possible.
You will also be able to save money on groceries. Your grocery bill will shrink as you begin to stock your pantry with fresh produce from your backyard. A packet of seeds can cost less than a dollar. If you learn to dry, can, or otherwise preserve your summer or fall harvest, you’ll be able to feed yourself even when the growing season is over. Gardening helps the planet in many ways. If you grow your garden without pesticides and herbicides, you’ll spare the earth the burden of unnecessary air and water pollution, for example. You’ll also reduce the use of fossil fuels and the resulting pollution that comes from the transport of fresh produce from all over the world to your supermarket. Gardening season is right around the corner, Enjoy!

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