At this time of year it’s well known that most of us will be celebrating the festive season. Whether it’s a works Christmas party or student bash to a night out with friends. This time of year there’s lots to think about and your personal safety probably isn’t top of the list. We want you to enjoy all that this time of year has to offer by Staying Safe on a Night Out.

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* Plan your night out, let someone know where you are going.

* Carry a charged mobile phone and put a trusted taxi number in your contacts.

* Never accept a drink from someone you don't know.

* Keep your drink with you at all times. It only takes a brief moment for someone to spike a drink.

* Watch out for your friends & make sure they get home safely.

* Don't walk alone after dark.

* Avoid taking short cuts, keep to well-lit areas.

* Never accept lifts from strangers or unregistered taxis.

* Drink responsibly; binge drinking makes you more vulnerable.

* Think: Keys, money, phone, plans to get home?

* Plan in advance how you’re going to get home safely.

* Arrange a safe meeting place in case you get separate.

* Stash some cash in case you lose your purse.

* Store an ICE (in case of emergency) number in your phone.

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