Since I started Personal Development around 12 Years ago, I always wanted to answer one burning question: Is there a set of steps that you can advance through in order to grow as a human being? And if yes, what would be the first step?

After several years of intensive work on Personal Development and self-analysis I came to the conclusion that there are essential things to master. I think there is the need of a basic motivation to grow first. There has to be the willingness to get more out of yourself than you are currently showing. Whatever that is, it could be something or someone you want to get, or something to achieve, that drives you to grow.

I personally think there are 7 basic steps to take in order to fulfill your potential. I put those into my own 7 step system and the very first step is:

1. Take Responsibility for Your Life

The very first step in Personal Development is to realize: You are responsible!

You are responsible for everything that happens in your life- and nobody else. This realization is a very good one: When you take full responsibility in your life, you also move to power over your life and your destiny. You take control and in the same way take control over your life away from anybody (or anything) that had it before.

2. Change Your Limiting Beliefs

After you have taken full responsibility there are still things that could work against you and hold you back. Those are the rules, or better beliefs that everybody has inside.

The question is: Are your beliefs supporting your nor not?

Most of our beliefs are formed unconsciously, starting in childhood, and operate unconsciously. That is why the most important step here is to make limiting beliefs conscious. Then we change those by forming new beliefs about the same topic. But this time the beliefs are really empowering and helping us.

3. Ignite Your Burning Desire to Develop a Life Vision

After we have removed the roadblocks we now start to digg deep inside and find what really drives us. What motivates you to really go for something? What is it that you REALLY want?

What is your purpose in life?

This question gets answered by finding those burning desires and then we will work with those to produce a life vision.

4. Set Compelling Personal Goals

From our life vision we now get more specific and more detailed. We will set goals that express exactly what you want. This process is really motivating since those goals are based on your personal vision developed found before.

Setting the right goals helps your mind to focus exactly an those. This makes the process of really doing and chaning things much easier. You also know the exact reason why you want those goals and are looking forward to reaching them.

5. Develop your Mind and Increase Mental Focus

Now we come to getting more ressourceful to actually reach our goals. Therefore we need to sharpen our tools to enjoy what nature has given us to the fullest.

Our mind is the most amazing tool availably on earth, but we need to know how to use it. For instance increasing our ability to use our mental focus is very important. Directing our attention and doing this with intensity will ensurre that we give our best to reach our goals.

6. Develop Your Body and Increase Your Personal Energy

The other amazing tool we have is our body. Improving mind and body together works just perfect for us. Especially when we want all ressources we can have, having enough personal energy is the key.

We can increase our personal energy by 1) Proper Breathing, 2) Proper Eating, 3) Aerobic Exercising, 4) Proper Sleeping and 5) Improving our Mental Energy: that means our thoughts and emotions.

7. Learn to Take Effective Action

When we have laid out our plan and have all the ressources, all that really matters is to take action, effective action.

Time-Management is a topic that everyone can benefit from, especially if we want to get ahead and make a difference in our lives: "Where should I spend my time on? What is important?"

Effective action is the final part on our personal development and improving in this area will ensure that we will fulfill our potential.

Author's Bio: 

Myrko Thum is in the field of Personal Development for over 10 years.
He is founder and author of Personal Development that Transforms, the blog about Personal and Spiritual Growth.